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NathanW - on 21 Nov 2012
Hello all,

I have a Nikon D31OO with the standard lens, and am looking to get a better lens for taking some great landscape shots. Do you have any recommendations? Any advice will be much appreciated
The Lemming - on 21 Nov 2012
In reply to NathanW:

I had a similar dilema a few years ago when I gave some serious consideration to a wide angle lens for landscape shots.

In the end I chose to go for a 17-70mm lens for all-round stuff, including landscapes.

I looked at quite a few shots taken with a wide angle lens but did not like the way that they Letterboxed the horizon and what ever was in the distance. Its just a personal thing but it wasn't for me especially with spending so much cash on a specialised lens that would not be used very often compared to a 'walk-around' lens which would be far more versitile.

Horses for corses. Check out some 10-20mm shots and see if you like the style of images that they create.
Fraser on 21 Nov 2012
In reply to NathanW:

I have a D5000 and went down the 10-20mm route, and got the Sigma f3.5. For me, it was more about getting right into the action and still retaining context, rather than wide vistas which it sounds like is your objective. Having said that, I've taken a few landscapes with it too.

If I were to buy wide again I'd definitely go for the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8, the Sigma's too blurry at the egdes, especially when (close to) wide open. In fact, the Tokina was recommended to me on here by several, but I just wouldn't listen. :-/ It saved me only a few quid by going with Sigma. Big mistake, although the Sigma's inbuilt a/f does work with my body.
The Lemming - on 21 Nov 2012
In reply to NathanW:

On a personal note, my best/sharpest lens was a Sigma. Sadly it wasn't reliable and died after 2.5 years service. Now I have a Nikon lens which is more reliable.

Would I buy another Sigma?
Probably not, as the build quality reliability is too much of a gamble.
NathanW - on 23 Nov 2012
Thanks everyone!
balmybaldwin - on 23 Nov 2012
In reply to NathanW:

TOkina do a very reasonably priced 11-16mm lens which I've got on my cannon (they do Nikon fitting version) that I'm very pleased with. It is very good for Landscapes, but being so wide is fairly limited flexibility wise:
icnoble on 23 Nov 2012
In reply to NathanW: The Tokina 11-16 is a stunning lens.
PontiusPirate on 23 Nov 2012
In reply to icnoble:

+1 for the Toky 116

marTTyn on 24 Nov 2012 - []
I went for the sigma 8-16, no regrets,
The best way is to see if you can get your hands on them, and decide from there.
Arjen - on 24 Nov 2012
In reply to NathanW:

If you want to go wide, go for the Tokina 11-16. Now they also do a version with AF, even though AF isn't really needed.

However, landscape =! wide lens. The lens that comes with the 3100 is really ok and quite sharp for a kit lens, it's just slow... you can also opt for a 50mm f/1.8, but that depends on what you want to photograph.
I had the Tokina 116 and used it on a D40, and got some really cool results- though with wide lenses, you have to be creative to get the most out of them...
andybenham - on 26 Nov 2012
In reply to NathanW: If you want a really good all round lens then your best bet is the Tamron 17-50 f2.8. Don't get the VR model, the VR is noisy and slows down the auto focus and with a constant f2.8 on a modern nikon body you are unlikely to need it.

I'd love a tokina 11-16 and may well get one sometime but you have to bear in mind with a superwide zoom that it has a limited use. I've shot some good landscapes with my tamron but its also an excellent walkabout lens for all occasions and gives pro-quality results at a fraction of the cost of the Nikon equivalent.

Here's a few samples captured with this lens:

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