Nikon FTZii adapter

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I am considering a Nikon Z7ii and would appreciate any opinions regarding the use of F mount lenses with the FTZii adapter. I know that some lenses aren't compatible but that isn't the issue for me. I am more concerned about any discernible loss in image quality. I don't want to find myself having to replace my 2.8 AFS glass.

Ta muchly 

 IainL 15:53 Thu
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It’s only a spacer.  Check DPReview ‘Z’ forum.

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Jim No problem with image quality, I use it on Nikon 20mm 1.8, 85mm 1.8 and 70-200mm f4, not had a problem with auto focus which i have heard is an issue with slow autofocus on some lenses but not something I've experienced. The only problem is forgetting to pack it, this morning I carried my 70-200mm lens up a mountain but the FTZ adaptor was on another lens back home (I have the 14-30mm Z lens so the FTZ doesn't live on the camera body) if you have a few lenses and your going to keep them for a while I would possibly consider two FTZ adapters.

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Thanks for that! Exactly what I was hoping. I'll probably just get one FTZ because I don't see myself buying any Z lenses at this point as I have some excellent F mount Nikorrs which I've invested quite heavily in.

Cheers mate

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