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August West on 20 Oct 2012
Whilst browsing through some of the Lake District crag photos I came across a couple that were clearly 'linked' to the wrong crag. is linked to Goats Crag Borrowdale(, but should clearly be linked to Goats Crag Northumberland( The caption of the photo is even 'Bob bouldering at Goats Crag Northumberland'. is a similar case.

I've tried using the UKC contact form to email the Photo editor a couple of times (once a few months ago and also last week) but nothing has happened.

Who should I email next?

Does anybody have any other example of photos which are linked incorrectly?

I know maintaining a database like this is a bit of a thankless task, but you should make the effort to do it correctly and act relatively quickly when someone points out an obvious error like this.
In reply to Furthur:

Now corrected those two.

Several people receive the email including me, and I can't one from you on this topic. It is the correct email to communicate this sort of thing though.

August West on 20 Oct 2012
In reply to Alan James - UKC and UKH:

Well done Alan. Thanks for your swift action.

(Emails were sent using the contact form on 24th June and 15th Oct.)
In reply to Furthur:

That email definitely didn't get through however that isn't unheard of for emails sent from web forms which are far more susceptible to being spam filtered.

The linking of photos is a process that gets done when people upload the photos - we force people to link them to a crag in the database (in certain categories). This is because if we didn't do that, then many wouldn't bother.

The end result is that we have many more photos correctly linked, but some incorrectly linked when people make mistakes or just choose any old crag during the upload process in order to get their photo through the system.

These mistakes aren't usually noticed by volunteer photo moderators since they appear to be linked when being verified and it simply isn't possible to double check that the photo is linked to the correct crag - we get over 100 photos a day. Hence, if you look, you will find many incorrectly linked photos.

If you do find them then a comment on the photo is probably a better way of correcting it since that will send an email to the photo owner who can then reassign by editing the photo details themselves.

Your message was useful in that you pointed out the correct crag. Most reports we get like this just say ,"that isn't such-and-such crag" and not say which crag it is, which is then a big effort for Mark Glaister or myself (the people who received photos@ukc... emails) to correct.



This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.