/ Arcteryx Fission LT Hoody, size XL, black

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Denni on 27 Nov 2013
Hi folks,
I have my Arcteryx Fission LT Jacket for sale, mens size XL so good for a 46-48 chest. (I bought a larger size than I usually wear for extra layering underneath)

In immaculate condition, only been used a few times for belaying in Canada and been in storage for about 2 years.

Windstopper with a primaloft lining and ridiculously warm. Can send some pics but it is exactly the same as the link below and in mint condition.

I'm unlikely to use it again and if I'm ever somewhere baltic, I can always rely on mates to kit me out. Price wise, lets say £120 posted which is a bargain for this piece of kit.

If you need any more info, drop me a line.
Thanks, Den

sbc_10 - on 01 Dec 2013
In reply to Denni:

You been digging around in that garage store cupboard of yours again Denni ?
I thought I had cleaned you out of the Arc' stuff.

You know how to catch a man off-guard....Christmas coming up....XL..Arcteryx...oooooh.....I need to be strong....

Would it be a good jacket for Astronomy? ie static cold. I'm thinking of purchasing a telescope and a warm,windstopper top could be useful. It's a tenuous justification I know....Anyways, keep me informed if nobody else is interested.

All the best for the next couple of weeks.
BTW,I didn't know you had a new moniker, ;¬)

S..B..the 'Dude'..C
Denni on 01 Dec 2013
In reply to sbc_10:

Yo dude!
It would be rad for astronomy :0)
Last lot of kit Sean, saving the best to last, you know you want it!

Standing around in cold windy conditions, there Isn't a bettr jacket for it, besides, you know I'm good for a discount! Seriously though, this thing is toasty. I used to put it over the now in your posession MX Hoody. Its a wee bit of a different Arcteryx fit so would be a bit bigger as a stand alone piece but really good for being a top layer and a better fit with a couple of layers.

What scope are you getting? I have a Skywatcher 127 goto, excellent piece of kit for beginners and jusy buy more lenses as you go:

5 weeks to go until baby number 2, looking forward to it matey. Going to be a bit bonkers over christmas and new year, all adds to the fun.

New moniker, well, enough said.......Rad my friend, totally rad!
Denni on 01 Dec 2013
In reply to sbc_10:

Sean et al,
jacket now sold to Chris.
Thanks for the interest.
sbc_10 - on 01 Dec 2013
In reply to Denni:

Thank the Lord that dilemma is over, cheers Chris. It would have been a toasty Xmas but probably with a lonely turkey twisler and one brussel sprout on the plate. I may need to divert finances towards the heavens.
This is the telescope I had my eye on

It has a built in wedge for longer astro-photography. Nice.

5 weeks til the birth..mmm?...not..around the 25th by any chance.I shall aim the scope to the South and try to spot a guiding star.
Take it easy, watch the skies.

Denni on 02 Dec 2013
In reply to sbc_10:

may not have been sold just yet so there is still time for you to have a kneejerk purchase!

Good scope choice, with mine, I just have an adaptor for my camera which simply screws onto the lens cap, bit fiddly but seems to work but I like the look of the wedge.

If you can afford it, buy a battery pack because you will spend longer outside than you think and the batteries in my goto unit seem to drain away quite quickly but with the power pack, I can be out there for 8 hours.

I see it has a 25mm lens, you'll also need a 10mm lens to correctly centre the scope lens onto an object to make for better tracking. Also, maybe join stargazerslounge, most areas have a local meeting for hints and tips, well worth it.

5 weeks till birth next Thursday, not until the 9th Jan but have bets on a christmas child! Point the scope to Devon, thats where we will be for christmas and the possible 2nd coming of the baby jebus!
sbc_10 - on 02 Dec 2013
In reply to Denni:

Re Fission:Keep me in the loop.

Yes the wedge is a hidden secret that the C6 and C8 scopes do not have on the standard tripods. It allows the equatorial rotation of the field of view as the scope tracks across the sky. Hence stars remain fixed relative to the frame that the camera is exposing. So, ironically you can take longer exposure photos of deep sky objects than you can with a much bigger Celestron scope. Seems a bit arse about face but I can live with it.

This might be useful for you,check out this video about stacking digital images with the webcam eyepiece.

You get the (final) resolution of a much bigger scope. Looks fascinating, and has got me all excited about astronomy again after a few years lay off.

I'll post on UKC to see if we can get 3 wise men to head down the M5 to Devon.....don't hold your breath!!

Anyway, best get back to work.

sbc_10 - on 02 Dec 2013
In reply to Denni:

Ho Ho Ho!
Santa's coming early YHM.
Denni on 02 Dec 2013
In reply to sbc_10:

It is for you Sean!

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