/ Blocheads - World Premiere 18th Nov, Kendal

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Alastair Lee - on 11 Oct 2016

Valley Uprising meets Hard Grit, on the boulders...

BLOCHEADS - Alastair Lee's latest film follows the fearsomely strong Blocheads as they quest for new lines and push the limits of human ability. It's a story of adventure, rocky passions and mutant fingers. It's the story of a search for bouldering gold.

There's history too, we delve into bouldering's murky past. Once it was just a bit of fun outside the climbing hut. Now it's 'a thing'. From the first recorded bouldering in the 19th century, through to the rise of bouldering as a sport. Revelling in the UK's golden age, Blocheads includes numerous first ascents, off-the-scale gnarly moves and hair-raising highballs. Sumptuous production. Anarchy. Daft bits. Awesome bits. Get a ticket.

World Premiere at the Kendal Mountain Festival 8pm, Friday 18th Nov. Includes super short by Nick Brown and BMC TV 'Shauna Coxsey Goes Crack Climbing'. Stars from the film Dan Varian & Jerry Moffatt will be there for some tricks and challenges before and after the screening.

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