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cordycept - on 15 May 2017
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I'm selling my beloved bouldering/climbing wall, finally and reluctantly accepting that I’m not really using it often enough these days to justify keeping it, and despite its unique rugged looks, it’s just not fulfilling its epic radness-potential languishing as an interior decor piece, so the time has come for it to find a new home...

The steep overhang, combined with near infinite possibilities for some evil route/problem setting makes for a really challenging training wall, so if you have the space for this amazing bit of kit and really want to up your climbing game, this is a seriously good investment!

It’s a modular system with 27 panels - 17 1x1m moulded fibreglass/GRP, and 10 1x1m flat plywood panels, plus some partial panels cut to fit the current space it is in, giving around 30m2 of surface area.

All the panels have sculpted features (albeit on the small side and pretty gnarly!), and plenty of holes drilled for bolt-on holds. Tee-nuts are affixed to the back of the panels to receive M10 bolts for the holds, so you can set your routes without having to access the rear. The surface has a durable textured finish, which I think is probably a gel-coat and sand blend, whatever it is it's nice and grippy.

The wall is supported by an adjustable scaffolding system (standard size D/48.3mm O/D tubing) which is almost all aluminium, with some additional steel tubing that I purchased along with tube-clamp wall and base flanges for anchoring to masonry in my home, as it was previously anchored to vertical steels with different scaffold connectors.

It's really very straightforward to assemble (took me only two days with one person's help), all you need is a few spanners and hex keys, (and an SDS drill and some hench shield anchors if you're fixing to masonry) and it can be configured to various dimensions. The space I have it in lacks height, so it is currently installed as a long low traverse (2 to 3m high by 9m wide), but it was previously set up as a 7m top-rope wall as you can see in the last two photos.

The flexible modular system means you could configure it in a squarer arrangement such as 5x5m, or 4x6m for example, or given the headroom, much more vertically such as 3m wide and maybe even 8 or 9m tall if you were to buy longer scaff tubes to extend the upper horizontals and braces.

Being primarily made of fibreglass/GRP and aluminium, I'm pretty sure it would fare perfectly well on the outside of a building as well as indoors, perhaps with a simple lean-to roof to keep the climbing surface dry for year round use.

Thrown in for free are some crash mats and 200+ assorted holds ranging from tiny crimps up to great big jugs, with a fat box of M10 countersunk bolts, and spare scaff tube clamps and connectors.

Collection only, from North London, N15.

I originally transported it in 2 trips with a LWB high-top Transit, although an extra trip/larger van/sturdy roofrack would probably be needed for the crash mats, which I acquired separately from the main wall.

I'm looking for £2,500 or nearest offer, but please don't let that put you off, I really want this to go to a good home, and don't want to have to dump it, so am very much open to negotiation on the price!

Please get in touch if you'd like to arrange to come and have a look (North London N15) and a quick clamber, I work from home and am generally around daytime or evening for viewings...

Thanks for looking!
Flickx - on 31 May 2017
In reply to cordycept:

Hi, any chance you'd sell some holds separately - 30-40ish? Thanks

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