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Flashpoint Swansea is due to open in April 2022 and we are looking for a person ready to make their mark on the industry. Someone who wants to create something they can be proud of.  At Flashpoint we know through personal experience what a life changing effect climbing can have. Our Centre Manager will possess a similar outlook and be eager to share this opportunity with the people of Swansea.

This will be the 5th Centre in the Flashpoint Group* and as such you will have a lot of support from the group managers to make a success of this business. This includes a General Manager (who is line manager to the Centre Managers) a Marketing Manager, Finance Manager, Systems (IT) Manager and a Route Setting Manager who all work under the CEO. During the start up and initial opening you will work directly with the CEO to bring this project to life.

This will be such an exciting opportunity to join and lead this company right from the start. To hire and lead your own team and to be part of the decisions that shape the future success of the company.

The role will, by its nature, cover many areas. It will not be just a “desk job”. Although this role requires a fair amount of admin time, all of the management must regularly work “on the floor” to provide a good example to the team, look for inefficiencies or improvements, maintain and develop relationships with regular customers and keep a “finger on the pulse” of the company.

*The Flashpoint Group includes Redpoint Bristol, Flashpoint Bristol, Flashpoint Swindon, Freedog Bristol, Freedog Swindon and Hackney Wick Boulder Project.


Job Title:                      Centre Manager

Place of work:             Flashpoint Swansea

Starting:                      December 2021

Salary:                        30K per annum

Line Manager:           General Manager (CEO initially)

Work Hours:              40 hours a week (flexi-time)

Holiday:                     30 days per year

Application date:       Apply by 14th October (5pm)

Apply to:          

Interviews:                 Up to 22nd October

Specific Areas of Responsibility

Start Up

At the time of writing the centre is scheduled to open in April 2022. The start date for the role being at least 3 months prior to opening. So a large part of this role will involve preparing for opening day. The build including the walls, reception etc will be undertaken and project managed by external companies and will only need your cursory involvement. However, the team will need to be hired, trained and rota’d and the systems for operating the business will need putting in place.

Line Management 

You will be direct line manager to the Deputy Manager, Cafe Manager, Head Coach and Duty Managers. You will provide them with support to complete their roles and ensure they are completing their job description diligently, have specific tasks relating to the goals of the company and are managing their workload effectively and completing set tasks

(The Deputy Manager will be line manager to the all-rounders who work on reception, provide coaching and Crazy Climb Instruction. All HR related issues will go through them for these members of the team. It will be your role to provide them with support and guidance in this area). 

HR & Budget Tracking

  • Creating & planning a rota at least 8 weeks in advance
  • Keeping to staffing budgets set by the General Manager / CEO
  • Ensuring that all the managers complete their roles but also incorporate them into the day-to-day team
  • Look for efficiencies in the daily management of the centre to ensure a great customer experience from a low overhead cost
  • Providing accurate payroll information to the Finance Manager at the end of each monthly payroll period
  • Deal with disciplinaries in accordance with the staff handbook as necessary

Purchases, Invoices & Financial Recording

  • Tracking what is purchased by and delivered to the company
  • Collating invoices for all purchases
  • Ensure accurate cash handling
  • Create basic monthly incomings and outgoings reports

Health & Safety

  • You hold the responsibility for all Health and Safety Matters
  • Ensure the team are trained appropriately for the tasks they complete
  • Ensure a good ongoing relationship with insurers and local HSE
  • Ensure incidents are investigated thoroughly
  • Ensure risk assessments are up-to-date and adhered to at all times


As centre manager of a start-up company you will need to take on the practical operational side of the business as your own responsibility. This includes:

     PPE Inspections

The equipment in the centre needs to be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure it is safe for use. This includes the boulder wall, auto-belay climbing area, the gym etc. You will create and develop a system for checking these areas on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis depending on what is required.

     Head Duty Manager

Work with and empower the DMs to be able to deal with everyday problems they encounter through training and development of processes and resources. Examples include first aid, fire marshalling, floor-walking, daily check, building and PPE issues.

Create and develop daily check sheets to ensure that the building runs well and is kept safe for customers and staff.

Ensure that DMs have methods to check and resupply the consumables required on a daily basis (toilet roll, light bulbs, first aid kit, etc)

Train and Moderate the DMs to ensure they are completing their jobs to a good standard.


Work with the  team to maintain the building. Develop and monitor a method of communicating building related issues. A DM must know if an issue is in hand and have a way to move on problems that they cannot reasonably deal with during their shift.

Point of contact for the external contractors, ensuring the quality of their work.

Other Duties 

You will still be expected to carry out “all-rounder” duties in order to lead by example and to keep costs to a minimum at quiet times. This may include reception, instructing, duty management and any other jobs the centre requires.

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