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 CastleBeacon 09 Apr 2021
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This year has been a difficult one for all and we are no different to many organizations across the globe.  We have had to adapt and fight to stay afloat in testing times.  But we are still going, and going stronger than ever, and ready for the next set of challenges that are coming our way.  

Transition Extreme is all about challenges.  We are at the heart of adventure sports in the heart of Aberdeen.  We are a unique proposition, in that we are a “third sector” organization providing much needed services to our local community.  In particular the youth academies, which are award winning educational programmes that focus on employability and life skills.  We are going to be needed more than ever when the dust settles on the covid pandemic.   The Youths of today face more challenges than ever, and we can help.

The role of Centre Manager is an important one to our strategy.  In order to help as many people as possible, we need to be as profitable as possible.  The Centre Manager helps deliver our proposition whilst ensuring everyone is safe who is using our facilities. For more information about us please see

Role Overview

The role of Centre Manager is a wide varied one!  Ultimately responsible for the centre and all that goes on within it, it is a challenging job.  First and foremost you must ensure that we are operating safely. 

As is our attention on customer service.  Lets not get distracted by our charitable status, in order to make money we need to be great at what we do.  And what we do is provide leisure services to a wide range of users across Aberdeen, the Shire and Beyond.  Giving great service is a top priority. 

Managing a great team is also one of the great parts of this role.  Everyone tends to be like minded, loves sport and adventure.  Being able to harness this energy is vital to our success. 

•Ensure people are Safe, Maintain, develop and implement the compliance & management systems for Health & Safety

•Ensure Great customer service is delivered by you and the team on every visit and every day.

•Deliver a Fantastic product that drives usage and interest in all our sports, and run  our Café.

•Staff supervision, planning, training and development Plan and devise rotas that allow us to operate safely at all times, with a focus on great customer service and maintains a healthy return.

•Marketing and development of all services, by working with internal and external partners.

•Maintain Security of all buildings and overall site and monitor plant and environment to protect our assets and drive continuous improvement.

•Deliver our charitable aims, by working collaboratively with our project team and the local community partners.

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