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Your dream to summit Mount Kilimanjaro need complete information and enough preparations. Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Company helps provides travel tips so that you prepare for your Kilimanjaro expeditions smoothly. Some of Kilimanjaro trekking tricks include how to acclimatize and choosing proper hiking gears.

You must know the best time to go for Mount Kilimanjaro climbing trip. The best time to climb Kilimanjaro is the dry season, in which suitable months are June to October and December, January, February to Mid March. Second, another thing to know is climbing training, this is important to do organized climbing training such as gym and exercises from several Mountaineering clubs. There are several books which explain about climbing training, some of the books well know is Pole pole- A training guide for Kilimanjaro and other long-distance mountains, by Angela deJong and Erinne Sevigny Adachi.

After traveling to the mountaineering destination, you will be welcomed and briefed by Mountain guides. The briefing is done a day before beginning Kilimanjaro hiking date. Climbing chief guides explain several issues to set up before you trek day. Mountain guides explain about hiking gears, food, climbing speed, and psychological preparedness.

Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris prepares a mountain food to provide a climber appetite and energy for trekking. Kilimanjaro food fits all customer needs such as Halal, Vegetarian, Kosher or any. You get all the travel information, tips to prepare a trip like packing, acclimatize, how much is Kilimanjaro price, get a discount group booking, details of all Kilimanjaro routes to choose, and extra adventures like Tanzania wildlife safaris. The company has the best travel reviews at TripAdvisor and also at most famous African safari booking market called Your African Safari.

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