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MattH - on 25 Feb 2010

Announcing a new competition starting today on UKC.

Each weekday between now and March 11th I'll post two questions on this thread (a general-climbing-knowledge one and a ShAFF-related one). Email the answers to and a winner will be chosen from the correct entries at the end of the day. The winner will receive a ticket to a screening of their choice at ShAFF. That's 11 tickets in total. Win them all and you'll be able to take in most of the festival!

Reply to this thread with a key-word and I'll do my best to adapt the following day's general-climbing-knowledge question to the key-word!

I'll post the winner's details and the correct answers here the morning after each set of questions has been posted.

Enjoy and good luck.

Thursday 25th's Questions:
1. In what year was the book 'Hard Rock' first published?
2. How long is the 2010 ShAFF Trailer?


MattH - on 26 Feb 2010
In reply to MattH:

Yesterday's winner was Jake Clark. Jake, I'll be in touch.

Friday 26th's Questions:
1. What is the name of the threaded protection point often manufactured by climbers when winter climbing?
2. Which rock climbing legend will give a live book reading of his new book on the Friday of ShAFF?

Don't forget a key-word or two for Monday's questions.

MattH - on 28 Feb 2010
In reply to MattH:

Friday's winner was William Wilson. William, I will be in touch. The answers were:

1. Abalokov Thread
2. Ron Fawcett

I'm posting Monday's questions tonight as I am out early tomorrow.

Monday 1st's Questions:
1. Which British climber climbed and BASE jumped off Mount Asgard in 2009.
2. What does ShAFF stand for?

And don't forget to post a key-word or three for Tuesday's questions.

Oh, on Friday I forgot to post the answers to Thursday's questions. They were:

1. 1974
2. 1m 44s
MattH - on 02 Mar 2010
In reply to MattH:

The answers to Monday 1st's questions were:

1. Leo Houlding
2. Sheffield Adventure Film Festival

The winner was Alex Buisse. Alex, I will be in touch shortly.

Tuesday 2nd's questions are:

1. What nationality is climber Adam Ondra?
2. How many times has ShAFF been held before 2010?

Don't forget to post a key-word...

5cifi - BAD SELLER on 02 Mar 2010 -
Alpine. You can give my ticket (Jake) to someone else, I wont beable to make after all. Thanks anyway though
MattH - on 03 Mar 2010
In reply to 5cifi:

Thanks for letting me know Jake.

Tuesday's answers were:

1. Czech
2. 4 times

Wednesday 3rd's questions are:

1. Which outspoken climber made the first ascent of Comes The Dervish?
2. What is the name of the Liverpudlian free-runner who will feature in two films at ShAFF 2010?

MattH - on 04 Mar 2010
In reply to MattH:

Wednesday 3rd's answers were:

1. Stevie Haston
2. Daniel Ilabaca

Thursday 4th's questions are:

1. What's the second highest mountain in Wales?
2. Name one of the photographers who will be competing in the Arc'teryx Adventure Shot on the Saturday night at ShAFF.

MattH - on 05 Mar 2010
In reply to MattH:

Thursday 4th's answers are:

1. Crib Y Ddysgl (Garnedd Ugain) at 1,065m
2. Adam Long, Richard Siepp, Robbie Shone, Alex Ekins or Alex Buisse.

Friday 5th's questions:

1. Which famous climber's middle name is Omprakash?
2. What time / day is the Best Of ShAFF programme at the festival?
MattH - on 08 Mar 2010
In reply to MattH:

Friday 5th's ansers:

1. Chris Sharma
2. 8pm Sunday 14th March

Monday 8th's Questions:

1. What non-climbing sport have the shoe manufacturers 5.10 made great in-roads into, almost by accident in the last few years?
2. Name one of the bands that will play at ShAFF 2010.
MattH - on 09 Mar 2010
In reply to MattH:

Monday 8th's Answers:

1. Downhill Mountain Biking
2. Mojo & The Beatniks or The Keltones

Tuesday 9th's Questions:

1. How heigh is K2?
2. How many times is the 'Adrenaline' programme screening at ShAFF 2010?
MattH - on 10 Mar 2010
In reply to MattH:

Tuesday 9th's answers:

1. 8611m or 28,251f
2. 3:
9:30pm - Fri 12th Mar - Showroom Four
9:00pm - Sat 13th Mar - Showroom Four
7:00pm - Sun 14th Mar - Showroom Two

Wednesday 10th's questions:

1. Which national park has a 'hole' in it?
2. How many films by Alastair Lee will feature at ShAFF 2010?
MattH - on 11 Mar 2010
In reply to MattH:

Wednesday 10th's answers:

1. Snowdonia - the 'hole' encompasses Bleaunau Festiniog
2. 2 films - Gerty Berwick and The Asgard Project. The ShAFF trailer was also produced by Al so 3 would have been accepted.

Thursday 11th's questions:

1. Which route did Ron Fawcett most famously climb for the camera's in 'Rock Athlete'
2. Name one of the two galleries featuring at ShAFF 2010.
MattH - on 12 Mar 2010
In reply to MattH:

Thursday 11th's Questions:

1. Lord Of The Flies
2. Living Art & The BMC

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