/ Experienced climber wanted for promotional video

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Jason Andrews on 07 Sep 2012 -

I am looking for someone (or several) to climb one of several seas stacks in Dorset (Old Harry), carrying a HandyHammock (1.5kg in a shoulder bag), erect it and relax in it for a video shoot to highlight the product's lightness/portability and the fact that you can now enjoy hammock-relaxation without trees! The video-theme will be "boldly going where no hammock has gone before", and it will include some aerial shots with a zoom-out reveal to show the location. Even if you don't think it's something you can/want to do, maybe you have a friend that you can mention this post to?

If you think you have the required climbing skill level (see below) and would be interested in doing it, please get in touch by responding to this post, messaging me via the forum or using the contact details on my website. Provisionally thinking of filming in late September/Early October, although this may shift depending on weather forecasts and other logistics.

The following text was pulled from and details the climbing conditions.

Old Harry and neigboring sea stacks, Dorset

Inner Main Stack (page 5 of 22)
MR: Sheet 195 055825
More of a small island than a stack, easily approachable at most states of the tide. Original Route 60 feet HVS 4a. Start from the right-hand side of the small bay out of sight from the headland. The route climbs 30 feet to a fault-line before moving horizontally left along it and up to the top via some large loose blocks. Descend using a retrievable ice-axe technique (!)

Outer Main Stack 70 feet Severe (page 5 of 22)
MR: Sheet 195 056826
Like the inner stack this is quite large and equally loose. Two lines on this stack have been climbed. The first, starting from a slight bay near the northern corner of the stack was done by Scott Titt and Dave Gumn and required an ice peg for protection on its way to the large and grassy top. It was looser than the second route climbed by Richard Crewe and Tim Tanswell. This follows the attractive slim ridge (that nearly connects with the Inner Main stack) starting from its outer edge. A stake was left in situ to facilitate an
abseil descent.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Jason Andrews

Marq - on 07 Sep 2012
In reply to Jason Andrews:

Don't forget to check any access issues on these stacks first. Check the BMC RAD database.

The Jazz Butcher on 10 Sep 2012
In reply to Jason Andrews:

How much are you wiling to pay for someone to climb a tottering pile of loose chossy chalk?

Jason Andrews on 10 Sep 2012 -
In reply to Marq:
Thanks for the advice - will do.
Jason Andrews on 10 Sep 2012 -
In reply to Richard White:
We're a start up so budgets are tight but a 2-3 hundred pounds plus expenses was what I had in mind. I've got several paramotoring cameramen that have voluntered to shoot the aerial footage.

I chose these stacks/islands because they are fairly flat-topped and grass covered so should be suitable for pitching our hammock. But... if you know of better, easier climbs for similar islans/stacks I would happily consider other locations.

Have I chosen somewhere too dangerous?

spudlet70 - on 10 Sep 2012
In reply to Jason Andrews: Yo Bro...Love to give a climbing hand! i'm also very photogenic which will help..ha! give us a ring on 07968686522. or drop us an e-mail. look forward to hearing from ya!

peace out and happy hanging!! x
Jason Andrews on 10 Sep 2012 -
In reply to spudlet70:

Hi! Thanks for getting in touch - I've PM'ed you re next steps. Am thinking a line-launcher might be a good idea for saftey.
owen1988 - on 10 Sep 2012
In reply to Jason Andrews:

Sent you en email.

Jason Andrews on 11 Sep 2012 -
In reply to owen1988:

Thanks Owen, I've emailed you back.

I've checked out the tide times and weather forecast and reckon this Sunday might be good for an attempt.

Low tide at nearby Swanage is at 4:26 pm (BST) and the weather forecast is for light westerlies and sunny/dry all day.

This should give us plenty of time to scope out the site, make some plans for what footage to shoot etc and generaly have some fun.

So far i've got 5 paramotor pilots (i'm big into paragliding) that have volunteered their time to get some aerial footage and 5 climbers from all over the UK. (Lawrence, Chris, Steve, Danny & Owen) but the more the merrier I say.

If anyone has a line-launcher or Warthogs that we can borrow - much appreciated.

The only thing that I'm unsure of is the question of access. As advised, I've checked the BMC RAD database and I can't see anything there that idicates it's off limits but maybe others can check to confirm?

Will keep you posted about a meet-up point etc later in the week as the plan takes more shape (for those that fancy giving Sunday a go). Steve/Danny, can you email me your mobile numbers - cheers.

Regards financial compensation, I was initially only expecting to hear from one or two climbers and I don't want to tun anyone away as I think it should ba a fun day so I'm thining maybe I can ofer people a free Handy Hammock for taking part? I am trying to do the video as cost-effectively as possible - ideally the whole shoot well under £500 as Handy Hammock ( is just me at the moment until I actually start selling them. Hope that site well with everyone - they are pretty cool
Jason Andrews on 13 Sep 2012 -
In reply to Jason Andrews:

Sundy is going to be too windy. If you've emailed me I'll keep you posted via email.

made in font on 13 Sep 2012 -
In reply to Jason Andrews:

hi Jason my name is peter and i am a mountaineering Instructor are you still looking for some one?
Jason Andrews on 13 Sep 2012 -
In reply to made in font:
Hi Peter,
I have been contacted by 6 climbers so far including as far North as Yorkshire! The shoot date is going to be weather/tide dependant (ideally we need sunny, not much wind and a low-tide) so confirming the date will be quite last-minute. People will invariably have work/family/social commitments on any given day were we decide to "go for it" so it'd be useful to have your contact details so I can include you in an email to everyone once a suitable forecast indicates a suitable date. My contact email is jason (at)

Jason Andrews on 15 Sep 2012 -
In reply to Jason Andrews:

Hi all,
I've pinged you an email but thought I'd post here too in case you view this first. Although the forecst for Sunday is a little too windy for our paramotor pilots to be comfortable filming, I'm still going to head to Studland and the Old Harry Rocks to do a dress-rehearsal with Chris from Yorkshire. I'm picking Chris up from Bournemouth station close to 10 so we'll be in the Bankes Arms Country Inn, Manor Road, Studland, Dorset BH19 3AU from about 11 for a little while to get organised.

Chris has no ice-climbing gear in UK as it's in The Alps at the mo, so if anyone can sell, hire or loan any of the following kit it'd be much appreciated.

5 Warthogs, 80ft+ static line, 2 ice axes, 2 1-meter stakes (for securing abseil line)

All help on this dress rehersal gratefully received, pop along if you are at a loose end Sunday - if nothing else it'll be good to hear peoples opinions on what shots to get etc and should be a bit of fun.

I'll bring a couple of cameras along but I'm not really expecting to get any greatfootage as the forcast is retty overcast.


PS text or call me on 07725058100 (I don't have phone internet) if you want to get in touch tomorrow. i'll try to chack my email early Sunday too -
Jason Andrews on 17 Sep 2012 -
In reply to Jason Andrews:

Spent Sunday with Chris Brook at Studland, scoping out the site for access, climbing routes and camera angles. Hopefully Chris will post something on this thread later with his comments on the site.
Martin - on 21 Sep 2012
In reply to Jason Andrews:

How did the recce go ? I live in Wareham and would really like to see your hammock setup, I run a small outdoor company and think they might be really useful to some of my groups. I'm also a climber and know this area like the back of my hand, so even if you've already got a climber I could help on the day of filming.

spudlet70 - on 08 Oct 2012
HELLO!!!! sorry this has taken me so damned long. been away for a bit.

The site is cool. easiest way in would be to abseil onto a small beach near the stacks and wade over in low tide. either that or get a boat and climb from a small area at the bottom of the centre stack...for shooting the pictures, the centre stack will be the best, due to it's aesthetics and ease for rigging and climbing.

climbing old harry would be a serious undertaking but damned good fun and would look better for shooting video, but the top is not as aesthetic as the cetntre stack. the top of the old harry stack is also very brittle. starting the climb would make for some interesting boat times and a very inventive belay system. All in all a great location and a terrific product to advertise's amazing by the way. I will asmit to being dubious at first but after setting it up and using it for most of the day i am convinsed. i love it. it's bloody all need one!! i will post some pictures of it going to italy climbing and am taking the hammok with me!! woop woop!!

peace out all!!
Rockwarrior - on 19 Oct 2012
In reply to Jason Andrews:

I am interested Just say When it's cool.
Jason Andrews on 19 Oct 2012 -
In reply to Martin:
Hi - sorry for the radio silence, been super busy setting up the HandyHammock website and the business in general.

Please take a look at the site and ping me an email so we can discuss further -

Regards the video project, I think I'm going to have to put it on hold for a while, or else ask people to do it without me on site. I have way too many calls on my time to be able to get down to Dorset and a pregnant wife and a toddler

It would be great to see this project go ahead but it may have to wait till next Summer now.
Jason Andrews on 19 Oct 2012 -
In reply to spudlet70:
Hey Chris, yeah that's most people's reaction. Oneline it looks flimsy and fiddly, then you try it out and it's rock solid and super comfy and you just have to take it with you places . Look forward to the pics. Check out the website ( I've finished it now - lot of work but I'm rather pleased with it.

PS If any climbers are interested in a demo hammock (I will need it back) do drop me a line, all I ask is for a review on a blog site/forum or youtube.

best regards,
Jason Andrews
Jason Andrews on 26 Nov 2012 -
Here's a photo of Chris from the day we spent scoping out the site. Hopefuly will be able to do something next Summer.
Jason Andrews on 26 Nov 2012 -
By the way if you fancy getting your hands on a Handy Hammock, either for yourself or as a Christmas present, I've set up a 30% discount(til midnight November 30th 2012), just use the code ukclimbing at the checkout.
Jason Andrews on 15 Feb 2013 -
Update... Wife due to give birth imminently but expect to get back on track with this project in the Summer. Will be using RC helicopter instead of attempting aerial footage with paramotor pilots, the logistics/safety is easier to organise and results should be better.

For anyone interested in our hammock, the effervesant Squash Falconer recently took one to Kilimanjaro! Pics here -

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