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Stanage is the jewel in the crown of the Peak District, and undoubtedly a very special place to climbers and hillwalkers not just within the Peak - but all across the country. It is - lest we forget - a WORLD CLASS crag and the most popular and climbed on within the whole of the British Isle.

Earlier this year Stanage's current management plan expired and currently there is nothing to replace it. This is your opportunity to hear more about the PDNPA's future plans for Stanage, as well as pass comment on how you wish to see happen at Stanage. One hot topic that has already arisen on the Forums is of the Stanage Sticker, which was popular amongst climbers, and is likely to be phased out at the end of the year - this is your opportunity to pass comment directly to Sarah Fowler, the CEO.

For more background information, here are a few words from BMC Peak Area Access Rep Adam Long:

"It's been a few years since the last open forum was held, and I'd encourage anyone interested in the management of the estate to attend.

The format will be an hour of presentations by the National Park followed by open discussion.

The Forum was set up in the late nineties to bring together the many and varied people with interests in the estate, and has proved very successful in managing their often conflicting desires and complaints.

Since those origins the management of Stanage has suffered from a lack of consistency and direction. Twice the National Park has started a process to sell the estate, most recently, in 2013-4. In response the BMC ran the 'Stand up for Stanage' campaign to highlight the uncertainties we were facing.

In the last couple of years since that campaign we've been enjoying a more enlightened period of management with a dedicated property manager, investment in the campsite and a successful parking sticker scheme.

With a management restructure at the National Park Authority we are again facing an uncertain future. Responsibility for different aspects of the estate is now divided across different departments. The new property manager is responsible for all the National Park's land of which Stanage is but a small part. Recreation is now under the purview of the 'Commercial development and outreach' department.

In addition Bill Gordon, the longtime estate warden, is retiring imminently. It is not clear who will replace him, or whether it will be a full time role or if they will reside on the estate.

The Stanage parking sticker is not being continued, although as always a park-wide permit remains available. Pay and display charges are increasing and will be enforced from the New Year. Knock-on effects of this - a longstanding bugbear of the Forum - do not appear to have been given much consideration."
Becky E - on 19 Sep 2017
In reply to Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing:

Bumpity bump. This is a really important meeting for folk to go to. Lets get our voices heard!

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