JOBS: Head Setter Job at Boulders Cardiff

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 HR@Boulders 17 Sep 2021

Boulders is a vibrant and dedicated team whose mission is to:

"Give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the benefits the world of climbing has to offer and help them achieve their climbing goals, regardless of age, ability or background.”

Climbing offers opportunities to stay active, be healthier and happier, meet new people, challenge ourselves both physically and mentally and get out and explore the wider outdoors. It spans age, ability and background and offers an ever evolving challenge and opportunities to explore. Indoor climbing is the simple, accessible entry into this pastime. Start in your local centre with a friendly team providing all the advice, mentoring and equipment. From here, join our community and watch the adventure unfold. 

The Role

The route setting team are one of the most important parts of our organisation. They are responsible for resetting the routes at both our Cardiff and Cheltenham sites, setting our bouldering problems, routes, circuit boards, woodies boards, and more. The team also oversee and resolve maintenance issues in the centre.

This role is responsible for:

  • Providing route setting at both our Cardiff and Cheltenham sites
  • Managing the route setting rota
  • Making sure all aspects of the climbing facilities are running smoothly
  • Managing and developing the setting team
  • Running training sessions
  • Keeping on top of the health and safety checks in the centre
  • Organising travel to multiple sites in a cost effective manner
  • Maintaining our tools and equipment including autobelays
  • Overseeing social media and the Griptonite app
  • Keeping the centre in a clean and orderly fashion
  • Delegation of work load to the team
  • Upkeep and maintenance of matting
  • Maintenance across both sites – either directly dealing with issues themselves or delegating them to the team

The ideal candidate must:

  • Have experience in setting
  • Work closely with our Directors to achieve the Boulders mission
  • Have strong communication skills
  • Be good at giving feedback to others, even if it is difficult or constructive feedback
  • Be good at listening to feedback from customers
  • Follow industry standards for setting and safety
  • Be organised and efficient with time and resources

Desirable qualities:

  • Experience managing a team
  • Experience managing a budget

Salary is £24,000 - £26,000 +

28 days annual leave

Free Climbing

Help with personal development

To apply, please send a CV and covering email to


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