Simon Yates - My Mountain Life - Spring Tour 2023

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 Simon Yates 03 Feb 2023

It was an experience that could have put many off mountaineering - but not Simon.  Since that fateful expedition in 1985 to Siula Grande in Peru, he has completed over 75 mountaineering expeditions outside of Europe.  An epic story of survival retold in Joe Simpson’s best-selling book Touching the Void, a BAFTA award-winning film and a West End stage play of the same name.  

Simon is still a very active exploratory climber and guide and has climbed in some of the most remote and rarely explored mountain ranges in the world. Simon will talk about first ascents from the high Himalayas to mountain ranges in Alaska, Chilean Tierra Del Fuego and Eastern Greenland.

He will share the drama, excitement and beauty of modern, lightweight alpinism.  All told with wit, dry humour and lavishly illustrated with images and video collected on his climbs.

“Simon is a totally engaging speaker, who both entertains and inspires.”

Simon is supported by Mountain Hardware.

Starting February to March 2023 - Holmfirth, Caerphilly, Taunton, Swindon, Bishops Stortford, Stroud, Stourport, Darlington, Hampton, Dunkeld

Please contact if you have suggestions for a venue or event for 2023.

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In reply to Simon Yates:

Thank you Simon for your great talk in my little hometown of Stroud tonight, signing one of your photos for me and listening to me ramble on. I was shy and appreciated your kindness.  You were an engaging speaker and i thoroughly enjoyed your talk.

Ive followed the climbing and mountain world since starting with touching the void, the white spider, edward whympers writings on the Alps, I was hooked, 14 and longed to climb and see the high places but a back injury took away my ability to function just getting it back these past two years.

I've been living vicariously through mountaineering, climbing, hiking, traveling books all this time until I turned thirty in this year,  your talk was a birthday gift from my mum as she knew id read all your books. I'd been having a mid life crisis wondering where the hell the past ten years went and signed up to the local climbing wall on a whim after finally being brave enough to try... And I love it, I'm feeling free and your poster of the highest mountain on the earth will make me feel nothing is impossible. 

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