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Now in our 16th year, The Kalymnos Workshop is the original climbing coaching holiday, and in terms of positive feedback and results, undoubtedly the best, the quickest and most cost-effective way of improving your climbing. Run by professional climbers with many years’ coaching experience, the emphasis is on progress through hard work and you can expect to be pushed hard! This coaching holiday covers all the finer points of the sport climbing game, but is relevant to all climbers.


September 22nd to 29th 2018


The setting for this week is the fabulous Greek island of Kalymnos. We stay in the town of Massouri which is a short walk from the crags. It is usually reached via a flight to Kos and a short ferry journey.

Who's it for?

This trip is suitable for anyone who sport climbs and wants to improve. We recommend you are leading at a minimum of French grade 5 on rock and you need to be keen to push that. Climbing partnerships and individuals are all very welcome.

How it works

Each climbing day we get an early start and walk up to one of the nearby climbing venues. There are two presentations at the crag each day. We now operate a 1:1 structure where coaches will pair up with one guest each day. The coaches will of course still be at hand throughout the day to answer questions and help where needed. There is one rest day in the middle of the week when there is no coaching. If you are around on the final Saturday, you will have most of the day to climb - though there is no coaching on this day.

Themes include: Planning your day, footwork, communication, falling, onsight and flash tactics, ropework and clipping technique for long pitches, recovery techniques, tufa technique, super-steep technique, redpoint technique, and training.

The Coaches

Adrian Berry has been climbing since 1988 and coaching climbing since 2002 when he began the planetFear coaching programme. Adrian is considered one of the foremost coaches in the UK having worked with a number of individuals, clubs, climbing walls and organisations both in the UK and abroad. He has written two books on climbing technique (Sport Climbing+ and Trad Climbing+) which helped herald the new approach to the teaching of climbing. Adrian’s specialty is helping climbers overcome mental barriers and use good tactics to have the best chance of achieving their goals. He has a broad climbing background which includes competition climbing, sport climbing (8b+), trad (E9) and bouldering (V10).

Gareth “Gaz” Parry works extensively as a climbing coach to a wide range of clients from individuals wanting to learn basic techniques through to the British Team members preparing for the upcoming Olympics. Gareth's climbing achievements are broad and deep, from big wall free-climbing, bouldering, sport climbing up to 8c through to numerous championship titles. Gaz’s route reading, tactical abilities, technique and infectious passion for climbing and life have kept Gaz at the top of the game for over two decades. Gareth currently lives in Eastern Europe with his partner and rapidly growing zoo of pets.


“The course has changed my understanding of what I can achieve, left me motivated to make further progress and hopefully go again next year.”

“Thanks! I loved it and will be working on my climbing using all the new information.”

“I really enjoyed the week. I wanted to be pushed to my limit and I was.”

“It's really like I've discovered climbing again for the first time and I'm currently resetting my targets for things I never would have thought I would be able to climb.”

“Thanks for an epic week and for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm. It's totally changed my approach to sport climbing and I can't wait to put all the stuff I've learnt into practice.”

“Thanks again for running a great trip, and for all your help with our climbing, it was fantastic!”

“We were extremely impressed and pleased with how you and Gaz were able to manage the instruction and coaching amongst all the group. I really can't imagine how you could improve on that.”

"The coaching was perfect. Not all top performers can convey the knowledge they have but I felt that you provided concise but eloquent coaching with a fair proportion of humour that made the sessions very enjoyable."

"I am so pleased with everything I did on the trip, I feel in some ways that Carpe Diem was the climb of my life - I have never felt any climb easier - it just came! I can't explain it! It just came!"

"I think you and Gaz work well together as a team and have slightly different styles which really complement each other. You're both very astute when it comes to watching someone climb and being able to give accurate and constructive feedback and suggestions."

"It was a fantastic trip, possibly the best I have ever been on, and certainly the best coaching trip."

The Kalymnos Workshop is £590 for the week, including hotel accommodation. Full information and online bookings at:

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