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Only a hill - on 28 Dec 2012
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Many of you have asked when the paperback edition of The Only Genuine Jones will be available. I'm very pleased to announce that the details of the book launch have now been finalised.

The event has been scheduled for 9pm on the 27th of February, 2013 at the Clachaig Inn, Glencoe. I will be speaking a little about the book, perhaps doing a short reading, and of course there will be the opportunity to obtain a signed copy. You can read more about the launch event here at the Glencoe Scotland website:

The paperback edition includes a number of pen and ink illustrations by the author which are not included in the eBook version. If you have not yet downloaded your digital copy, it's currently on special offer at 99p until December the 31st. You can download it here:

If you're planning on attending I would really appreciate you leaving a reply below as I'm currently in the process of calculating how many copies I need to order for the event!

Want to know what the book is about? Read on...

Two climbers. One victor.

O.G. Jones and Aleister Crowley are rival mountaineers, both brilliant and ambitious, but with a very different concept of honour.

It's 1896, but not as you know it. Mountaineers use new and revolutionary equipment, risking death for intangible rewards. Nobody has ever climbed a major Alpine north face before. Only an extraordinary man would want to.

Crowley seeks revenge; Jones seeks redemption. Together their journey will take them to the most lethal mountain wall in the Alps, where Jones will face a terrible choice: risk death and dishonour, or allow Crowley to triumph and destroy everything he believes in.

Adventure and deception, the Victorian spirit of progress, and the savage beauty of the wild combine to make this a tale of the mountains unlike any other.

In other news...

A short prequel to The Only Genuine Jones has just been released as a Kindle exclusive. Crowley's Rival takes the reader back to 1893 to show how Jones and Crowley first met, and demonstrates that their rivalry is perhaps not as simple as you thought!
Only a hill - on 28 Dec 2012
In reply to Only a hill:
I have also set up a Facebook event here where you can register your interest:
We've got at least 26 people definitely going so far.
Caralynh - on 30 Dec 2012
In reply to Only a hill:

Since I've booked that week off in Scotland for my birthday, Jez and I will be there.
Co1in H - on 05 Jan 2013
In reply to Only a hill: Love to be there,can't. However I'd like to buy a couple of signed copies from you. How do we arrange this?
Only a hill - on 07 Jan 2013
In reply to Co1in H:
Hi Colin, thanks for the interest. I will be taking orders for signed copies after the launch date.

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