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ggaazzoorr - on 25 Oct 2011

“Spicy Times” a slide show by Tim Emmett
Tuesday 15th November Door/Bar open from 5pm show starts 8pm
Tickets: £12 per person or £18 for a pair
Tickets –01920 882189
Allenburys S&S Club, Harris’s Lane, Ware, Herts, SG12 0DJ
Nearest rail station Ware
" Things have raced on since Tim and Leo beat Clarkson on Top Gear !In 2010 Tim had a wild year, first 'Spray On' -WI 10 the hardest pure ice climb in the world, then 'Muy Caliente!' Wales first E10.
He then teamed up with climbing legend Dave MacLeod to attempt a new World Record of climbing -5 new routes, on 5 islands, in 5 days. This was filmed together with a new route on Sron Uladail for a 6 and a half hour Live Broadcast with BBC Scotland.
This whirlwind lecture, will give you an introduction to Tim's background and takes you through the year that was 'Spicy Times'”

ggaazzoorr - on 26 Oct 2011

The venue is about 15mins walk from the railway station
London liverpool st 18.15 arrive Ware 18.58
London liverpool st 18.45 arrive Ware 19.28
Ware 22.13 arrive London Liverpool St 22.58
Ware 22.43 arrive London Liverpool St 23.28
Yanis Nayu - on 26 Oct 2011
In reply to ggaazzoorr: I don't live in London, something I share with about 50m other people in the UK.
ggaazzoorr - on 27 Oct 2011
In reply to Submit to Gravity:
Ware is 1 stop from the end of the line and the line comes in from London.
The information is there for people who are reasonably local but can't drive to the event.
Ware is accessible by public transport from London.
Where do you live? I can give you directions
Lion Bakes on 29 Oct 2011
In reply to ggaazzoorr:

Is it just Tim or are Leo and Dave joining him?
ggaazzoorr - on 30 Oct 2011
In reply to PaleMan:
Hi Paleman, It's just Tim, think it will be good though.
Tom Last - on 30 Oct 2011
In reply to ggaazzoorr:

What the f*ck? How can I live in Ware and the surrounding area for 25 f***ing years, where NOTHING ever happens, then when I move away, Tim Emmett comes and gives a lecture. God dammit.
ggaazzoorr - on 09 Nov 2011
Ware is the centre of the univerese
Tru - on 09 Nov 2011
In reply to ggaazzoorr:

Wow can't believe I almost missed this!

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