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JOBS: Trainee Route Setter at Castle Climbing

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An exciting opportunity has opened to become the Castle’s Trainee Route Setter! 

The Castle Route Setting department is looking for a keen learner with little or no route setting experience but strong enthusiasm for the sport of climbing to join our team as a part-time trainee route setter. You will work around 20h a week and will hold a number of duties and responsibilities within the route setting department while learning how to route set to a high standard.

You must have an aptitude for learning new skills quickly and respond well to feedback. Ideal candidate will have a good climbing technique and ability, an eye for detail, analytical thinking when it comes to climbing movement and be a team player. An interest in all route setting department functions and operations is essential although no prior knowledge of these is required. 

Your duties will include:

  • Involvement in daily route setting activities (e.g. holds stripping and washing)
  • Organising and maintaining setting stores, route setting equipment and holds
  • Assisting the Setting manager with various day-to-day operations and ongoing tasks
  • Setting routes and boulders once required level of skills has been achieved

NOTE: we are not looking for experienced setters but rather wish to develop new professionals and are therefore looking for climbers with little or no route setting experience.

Apply Now!

Application deadline: Monday 16th December

If you think you might have the talent for route setting and you are committed to learning, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime!

Please e-mail our Setting Manager Kornelija@castle-climbing.co.uk to receive a job description and person specification. 

Apply Now

In reply to The Castle Climbing Centre:

I have emailed Kornelia already.

 Oceanrower 29 Nov 2019
In reply to Mountain Spirit:

It would probably be a good start to get her name right...

In reply to Oceanrower:


She has got back to me with person spec and job description. 



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