When Hell Freezes Over - Andy Kirkpatrick Lecture - Nov 28th

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 Martyn Maltby 11 Oct 2006
When Hell Freezes Over - A lecture by Andy Kirkpatrick -28th November 2006

The Challenge Cancer Through Adventure charity has organised a mountaineering lecture by Andy Kirkpatrick - well known extreme big wall climber and general funny man-
'When Hell Freezes Over - Winter expeditions to Patagonia'
at Hope Valley College, Hope, on 28th November 2006
Start - 7.30 pm - Bar and prize draw
Tickets - £8.00 each - available from Outside - Hathersage & Calver, and online at Camp Four and Orion Mountaineering, and at the shop and online at Hitch 'n' Hike - Bamford.
 Andy S 21 Oct 2006
In reply to Martyn Maltby: A free plug 'cause I think he deserves it! I saw his lecture in Ambleside last night and it was great! Definitely not your conventional lecture (in a great way), very funny and we all left in a great mood. Highly recommended!
 ando227 25 Oct 2006
In reply to Andy S: have to agree with you! saw him in inverness. very funny indeed.
Jonny Kevlar 14 Nov 2006
In reply to otter227:

Hey I was there too! He was hilarious. "Entertaining more than inspirational" as everything looked despirate and opposed to Mick Fowler in Aberdeen last week who was "Inspirational more than entertaining"
mszafran 23 Nov 2006
In reply to Andy S:
I caught this down here in the big smoke, and it was well worth venturing into Brixton for.

I cant wait for next weeks lecture about big walling
 nz Cragrat 27 Nov 2006
In reply to Andy S:

He gave this or similar lecture here in NZ last year -definitely off beat and brilliant.
 elephant0907 29 Nov 2006
In reply to Martyn Maltby:

How was it?
 Martyn Maltby 29 Nov 2006
In reply to elephant0907:
> (In reply to Martyn Maltby)
> How was it?

Absolutely brilliant. There must have been over 200 people there, which was great for the Challenge Cancer Through Adventure Charity;

Andy's manic show had us all in stitches, even when the projector bulb blew and he entertained us for over half an hour while another projector was sent for. Go and see him as soon as you can, wherever he appears. What impressed me was that it would be equally hilarious (and enlightening) to non-climbers. He could do this show on telly on Saturday night and get rave reviews. I can't think of any other climbing lecture(r)s that could do that.

Many of those there, being outdoor types, must have seen the obvious logic and value of the charity, and thanks to Andy's support, we have had a lot of enquiries since the show, from those wanting to help us raise funds, and also from those who know someone (we all must know someone) who could use some funds to fulfil that 'last great adventure'.

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