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nikoid 19 Aug 2019

Does anyone have any inside information on when/if the new Boulders place in Cheltenham will be opening?

Y Gribin 19 Aug 2019
Tom Loughlin 19 Aug 2019
In reply to Y Gribin:

They’re different facilities: the Boulders place is on one of the retail parks on Tewkesbury road in town, the link you have posted is where the Warehouse is moving to I think. Afraid i’ve got no details on either, but it would be great if Cheltenham got a bouldering wall, it’s a pain having to drive to Gloucester and back. 

nikoid 21 Aug 2019
In reply to Tom Loughlin:

Yes that's right,  I was referring to the Tewkesbury Rd (Kingsditch) one. I think no news is probably bad news in this case, maybe planning problems, I'm not sure how easy it is to put a recreational facility on an industrial estate.

whenry 21 Aug 2019
In reply to nikoid:

Unlikely from what I've heard. Word on the street is that there's no funding for it and the announcement might have been to try to block another franchise from opening a centre there.

Dyfed72 25 Aug 2019
In reply to whenry:

If true that’s depressing. But why would Boulders want to block another franchise? It’s not like they’re local. Could understand if Warehouse announce their new centre to stop Boulders though. Maybe it’s worked. 

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