funding options for medical bills for climber?

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 Cheryl 07 Apr 2021


I know this is a long shot, but worth a try.....

On behalf of a young friend who has a very severe, immobilising injury as a result of a climbing accident, does anyone know of any funding options/ideas to help fund private medical care? NHS has a 3 year wait for the specialist surgery he needs and he currently can't really do anything but sit and wait, which is so depressing, and I'd really like to see him get back on his feet. Just wondered if there are any charities out there who might help him out with this. Any advice very much appreciated. Thank you. 

In reply to Cheryl:

Hi, I don't have any direct experience of this myself but could crowd funding be an option. I would be surprised if there aren't previous examples of this scenario. Perhaps a poor example, but a while back some camera gear was pinched from someone on here, and in researching what was possible there, I found several examples of camera kit seemingly being replaced using this method.

 Cheryl 10 Apr 2021
In reply to Mark Collins:

Thanks for this excellent idea Mark.  I agree that crowd funding could be a good option but he isn't convinced why anyone would want to help him! I don't know - as someone who has recovered pretty well from potentially life-changing injuries caused by climbing accidents, I think I have a kind of survivors guilt and would definitely support this kind of thing, but I wonder what other people think?  

 Boomer Doomer 10 Apr 2021
In reply to Cheryl:

If a crowd fund was set up and advertised here, I'd chuck in a few quid.

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