Southampton Uni. Peak Wknd - Bamford and High Neb

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 RussLuckhurst 11 Oct 2018

Good Afternoon, 

This weekend Southampton University Mountaineering Club (SUMC) will be heading up to the Peak for our first Freshers Meet. 

We will be a fairly large group - hopefully heading to Bamford Edge on Saturday and High Neb on Sunday. 

We will try and keep disruption to a minimum but please don’t hesitate to talk to a committee member if any issues arise, we will be more than happy to help. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend on the crag! 


Russ (Meets Sec.) 

 Offwidth 11 Oct 2018
In reply to RussLuckhurst:

Although not explicitly banned for groups, Bamford Edge access has always been sensitive and I would say it's  best avoided by any large groups. Please think again and consider going elsewhere. If you do go to Bamford ensure everyone is behaving as well as possible.

I'd add that being on a high exposed moorland edge is a plain daft choice for Saturday and a poor choice for Sunday ('feels like' temps peak at 6 centigrade on Sunday)

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 Monk 12 Oct 2018
In reply to RussLuckhurst:

Aside from the sensitivity mentioned by offwidth, Bamford will be utterly grim on Saturday. It's about as exposed as crags get and it is going to be wet and very windy. You'd be better going somewhere lower and more sheltered. Lawrencefield? Even Burbage North will be less grim.

 Offwidth 13 Oct 2018
In reply to Monk:

A possible dry spell today now but so windy you might be able to fly climbers as kites on the high edges (average in 40s and gusting into 60s). Those Lawrencefield climbs in the first bay might just be sheltered enough.... ditto Yarncliffe.

In reply to Offwidth:

Still raining heavily in the Peak. Problem this week has been stuff not drying off because of the high temps and humidity. 

 Offwidth 13 Oct 2018
In reply to paul__in_sheffield:

If it stops raining it will certainly dry superfast today. Parts of the SE peak look clear from the radar on Raintoday.

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