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Paul Sagar - on 13 Apr 2019

Overall I’m keen on the new “add feedback” feature, but not sure people should be encouraged to supply specific beta for routes? I definitely want to know about access, rock-fall, etc, but not stuff that would negate or affect an onsight of an actual climb. 

Can the description be amended accordingly, asking people to only post stuff that is an addition to guide book info for access and safety etc, and not about the specifics of climbing?

In reply to Paul Sagar:

Hi Paul

This feature has been released but we are adding some other stuff before making a song and dance about it. We did think about the wording and I think we do want to have a place where people can write beta since many want this sort of information. On the old system the old personal comments were full of beta anyway. At least this way you now know where not to look.

I will have a look at whether we can request people clarify their beta posts with 'Beta Alert' though which will help those who don't want it to filter them out. We might even be able to do something clever with a 'beta' flag and give people the option to filter it out automatically.


Paul Sagar - on 15 Apr 2019
In reply to Alan James - UKC and UKH:

ooh yes, that would be good. Like a "contains spoilers" warning, but for climbing!

Best of both worlds that way, I think. 



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