Emoji in logbook comments don't render?

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 67hours 19 Jul 2021

Tried to summarise my feelings towards a route this weekend with this -> 🥵

Seems like the encoding for logbook comments its setup correctly, as it just converts to a sequence of question marks on save?

 GHawksworth 19 Jul 2021
In reply to 67hours:

Just write "bloody hot"

We should all know what that means

 67hours 20 Jul 2021
In reply to GHawksworth:

Indeed, I did .

I'm actually disappointed I didn't get more dislikes for asking for emoji in comments. But this was really a character encoding bug report for UKC staff, since if emoji are broken then I imagine some other non-standard characters might be too.

In reply to 67hours:

Sorry for delay in getting back to you

Should now support emojis, but let me know if you find anywhere it doesn't work.

(it isn't retrospective, so previously entered emojis won't show unfortunately)

 remus 21 Jul 2021
In reply to Andy Ovens - UKC and UKH:

Maybe related, but it looks like the 'β' isn't displaying correctly when you log something as a flash (instead it says 'lead ?')

In reply to 67hours:

Aaah, Unicode. Gotta love Unicode. 

In reply to remus:

Oops, should work now cheers

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