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Ram MkiV - on 04 Dec 2017

The logbooks system on this site is a great, valuable and impressively comprehensive resource these days so firstly, many thanks and well done to all involved. I was considering a possible additional feature/extension to the system today so I suppose this is part suggestion, part request....

The rough idea is for the First Ascensionist information field to be somehow more integrated with the database so that it might be search-able and filter-able in a similar way to how other parts of the system are already.
So, for example, you could list all Dawes' fa's then filter by year to see what else he got up to in his mega '86 year. Or filter by crag and see what fa's has he done on Stanage, etc. Or you could take the Cromlech and filter the order of the list of climbs by First Ascensionist etc. etc.

No idea how trivial or complicated this would be to implement and it may well have already been considered/raised/suggested. A quick search didn't bring anything up though so thought it was worth putting out there...

edit: reading that back, I guess it's essentially having the ability to search the entire routes database by first ascensionist and then filter from there that I'm suggesting/wondering about....I think...
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.