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TommyK 15 Feb 2020

When taking newer climbers out who’ve perhaps never climbed outside before but have some indoor experience it’s always nice to take them up a technically easy but adventurous multipitch. As it stands, filtering by grade is easy but I can’t see a way to show eg more than 2 pitches but less than 5.

With this specific use case in mind ideally I try to find slightly less popular routes to avoid occupying classic lines going slowly with a novice. Some paper guidebooks give an indication of popularity and busyness of particular areas of crags and having some popularity info in the app (perhaps taking average stats from ukc public logbook entires) would be useful when trying to avoid busy areas.

In reply to TommyK:

Hi Tommy,

Thanks for the feedback. I like this idea and I'll look into implementing it.

Me and Martin were discussing recently if we could implement a reliable way of parsing the pitch information out of the route description, as well as splitting the route lines into segments so that tapping on a pitch description would zoom the topo view to that pitch. Your idea would sit nicely with that, but be much easier to implement!

I'll add it to the list. 

Mehmet Karatay 17 Feb 2020
In reply to Stephen Horne - Rockfax:

On a related note, I feel in your new Logbook feature that you are beta testing, a 'pitches' column for each climb could be appropriate. I think you have enough space for an extra column now, especially as people can choose which columns they want to display. You'd then be able to sort the table by the number of pitches as well.

I suppose that also leads to potentially adding length of climb in as well so where does it stop? Both of these are information that is already in the description. They are displayed in a different format so, presumably, easy to parse. e.g. Dingle (Summer) (HVS 5a)



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