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AndyPagett - on 17 May 2017
Have bought the Peak Bouldering bundle for the app in an attempt to leave the huge tome for coffee table reading / planning. However over the last few weeks between two of us we have noticed lots of problems missing from the guide.

The issue seems to be where a short route (for example Dane's Delight HS 5b at Birchen, or pretty much all of Baslow Edge ) is featured in Peak Bouldering printed guide with a bouldering grade. In the app rather than have its boulder grade it is just missing. This does not affect problems where the problem is just the start of a route and has a separate name and boulder grade - e.g. Pigtail Start f4 is included. I checked a handful of routes / problems at other crags this morning and it seems consistent.

So on a couple of occasions over the last few weeks (Birchen and Stanage Far Right) I've planned what I want to do before heading out using the paper guide, only to find the problems missing from the electronic guide when I got to the crag.

Is this by design? Or is it a setting I have missed? Or is it a bug?
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Hi Andy

This is a consequence of the way the system is set up linking to a single entry on the UKC Logbook listing. It isn't possible to have the same route/problem featuring in two app packages because that would break the one-to-one relationship. This was the case with the overlap with routes/problems listed in Eastern Grit and Peak Bouldering so we had to choose one app destination for each route/problem that appeared in both. This meant some pruning of content from the Peak Bouldering book when it was appified, and the same process to the Eastern Grit package.

It obviously isn't ideal and it is the reason it took us so long to produce the Peak Bouldering app since we couldn't work out any other way of doing it. In future print books it is likely we will be able to streamline the content more so that there won't be a discrepancy between the content of the book and the app package.

I have sent you an email as well explaining this in more detail.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.