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mnf_nelson on 14 Apr 2018

I did a quick search but couldn’t find an answer.


We’re heading to the Dolomites for a holiday. There will be myself, wife and young son plus my mate, his wife and young son. 


My my mate and I will be doing some via ferrata and sport routes.


In terms of insurance do I just get bmc insurance for myself then my wife get family insurance separately? Bmc family insurance is double the cost of individual cover so is a bit of a waste of money.

or is there a better option?

mnf_nelson on 15 Apr 2018


Luke90 on 15 Apr 2018
In reply to mnf_nelson:

Might be worth looking at a normal travel insurance policy for the whole family, including you, and supplementing that with top-up activity insurance to cover you for the climbing. I've found that to be the cheapest option for me in the past and the addition of non-climbers should make that an even more worthwhile route.

Having said that, I've never yet had cause to make a claim so although they seem like legitimate policies, I don't know whether the extra complexity would make claims difficult.

gravy - on 16 Apr 2018
In reply to Luke90:

usual suspects are snow card, dogtag and sportscover direct

BMC Office - on 17 Apr 2018
In reply to mnf_nelson:


I would recommend one of the following insurance options (depending on whether or not your family are taking part in any climbing activities):

a)    Take out a Rock policy for yourself (Via Ferrata and Sport Climbing are covered by this policy). Your wife could take out Single Parent cover to insure herself and your son (this would work out cheaper than taking out a family policy).

b)   Purchase a Family Rock Policy (if your wife and child are taking part in any activities - even if they are only belaying - they will need Rock cover).  We’re offering 25% off all annual Rock Insurance policies until 13 May 2018. 

The price of BMC Insurance reflects the level of cover provided.  Like for like cover shows the BMC as the current cheapest policy for climbing within Europe.  With BMC Insurance, you benefit from £10 million medical bills, £100,000.00 search and rescue cover and a dedicated assistance line to help you should anything go wrong.  Read about the other benefits of BMC Insurance in our Evidence of Cover:

Our insurance team would be happy to discuss BMC Insurance further with you. If you’d like more information, please give them a ring on 0161 445 6111.

Enjoy your trip!

Tamaris (BMC Marketing & Events Co-ordinator)



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IPPurewater on 17 Apr 2018
In reply to mnf_nelson:

Membership of the Austrian Alpine Club UK section comes with rescue insurance, among other benefits. We use this and a general travel insurance policy. It may be worth a look for you.


mnf_nelson on 19 Apr 2018
In reply to BMC Office:

Thanks for the response.

My wife and child won’t be partaking in and climbing activities, so a family package is not required.

If I take out rock cover and my wife takes out insurance for herself and our child, how then do I fare if there is an accident etc (non climbing related) whilst I am in sole care of my child? Will I/we still be covered?



mnf_nelson on 19 Apr 2018
In reply to IPPurewater:

Cheers, I’ve used the Austrian Apline insurance previously for the alps. Bmc does come over marginally cheaper.

mnf_nelson on 19 Apr 2018
In reply to gravy:

Cheers for these suggestions, will look into them.

BMC Office - on 19 Apr 2018
In reply to mnf_nelson:


If you take out a single-trip BMC Rock policy and your partner and son take out a BMC travel-only single parent policy then all three of you would be covered under BMC insurance - providing your son and partner do not take part in any aspect of the climbing activities.

Your son will have a policy with the BMC even though he is attached to your partners policy.  Therefore if something was to happen which he needed insurance for he would be covered, regardless of who was caring for him on the day of the incident.


Please feel free to call a member of the insurance team if you require more help on 0161 445 6111.


Have a great trip


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