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colin struthers - on 16 Aug 2012
Just been up to Hoghton to do a bit more work. Replaced the crappy old bolt on Fallout ledge with 2 shiny stainless ringbolts which makes the routes in this area much more appealing.

Also replaced the 3 very old bolts on Silverside with new stainless ones whilst Dave Cronshaw chopped all the vegetation away from the exit ledge. It is now pretty much a clip up. The route would clean very quickly with just a brushing but since it is E6 6c ** its well out of my league.

However, it would be great to get some hero on the route for photos in the new guide. Any takers out there? Send your pics to Les Ainsworth or me. Oh, and as I was abbing down I noticed the possibility of a direct finish continuing up the line of old bolts, which, under the Lancs fixed gear policy, it would be ok to replace 'like for like'. Didn't look any harder than the climbing on Silverside so there's another challenge for someone.

Overall Hoghton is now in pretty good nick, rock was all dry today, some routes in top condition, a few crappy and a lot that are climbable with a little cleaning.

Sadly access ends at the end of the month so jump to it rock cats.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.