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L Shaund82 - on 06 Jan 2018
Lower Montcliffe Quarry hi guys new to this site was looking at local climbs in my area and this place has come up as shut but under discussion was wondering for any further information as the last post about it was Nov2016 . Also I visited brown stone and it's so over grown that the lower area was completely flooded if something isn't done to maintain it we will loose it as a boulder spot completely
JimHolmes69 - on 06 Jan 2018
In reply to Shaund82:

Have a look at Lancashire rock revival on Facebook. That will answer any questions.
Michael Hood - on 06 Jan 2018
In reply to Shaund82:

Lower area of Brownstones has always suffered from the pond getting rather large and in the way. Upper area has no such problems except for getting there past the wet - walk round on the edge of the field.
john morrissey - on 13 Jan 2018
In reply to Michael Hood:

We are currently in the process of trying to find a solution to the issue of the pond in Brownstones. It is not called the pond traverse for nothing but over the last 5 years or so, the pond has grown and grown.  This seems to coincide with changes at the entrance to the quarry from the road.  Also, locals are in discussion over access issues to Lower Montcliffe. hopefully a solution will be found there too.  Brownstones does need a good bushwacking and I am pretty sure there is a "clean up day" being discussed.  Lancashire rock revival on Facebook is a great place to keep up-to-date, as said above.


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