/ Mowing Word bird restrictions 2017?

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GerM - on 08 May 2017

Anyone know if the restriction is in force this year at the moment?
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GeoffG - on 09 May 2017
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I was climbing on mowing word 8 days ago and I didn't see any bird restriction notices.
Go for it!
GerM - on 09 May 2017
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Ideal. Fingers crossed then.
mutt - on 09 May 2017
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get yourself the BMC app. or download the bird restrictions from the BMC website.
GerM - on 11 May 2017
In reply to mutt:

Looked at the RAD on bmc website, only info there only indicated possible restrictions depending on whether the birds are actually nesting or not, with latest info from 2016.

Went down on tuesday, no restriction signs at crag then, so managed to do a couple of routes. Jobs a good un.
Paul-Michael - on 14 May 2017
In reply to GerM:

There are Razerbils nesting on Diedre Sud as of 13th May 17
Cuillin Calling on 15 May 2017
In reply to GerM:

Yes Paul-Michael is correct. We went in to do Diedre Sud on Sat. Met two people from Natural Resources Wales who pointed out there were Razorbills perched on a ledge 5m off to the side of the finish of the climb. Apparently they have only just come back, being delayed by the unseasonally cold weather. They would normally have nests and eggs by now and they may still do so but any disturbance may scare them off. Needless to say it's best to avoid Mowing Word West Face for the mo. There's no signs up currently so check for yourselves before climbing. Theyre an amber listed bird on the RSPB website so numbers are declining and it would be good to give them a chance to breed.
In reply to GerM:

Unfortunately for climbers but good for Razorbills -the birds have returned late to this site so we've agreed a restriction on routes from and including Diedre Sud rightwards. Signs will be on place by the weekend. Further info on the BMC RAD

Elfyn Jones
BMC Access & Conservation Officer
avonclimber on 18 May 2017
In reply to Elfyn Jones BMC Cymru/Wales:

Two signs have appeared but they aren't positioned above the climbs on Mowing word. They are about 150m to the east. If you approach from Freshwater East to climb on Mowing Word you wouldn't be likely to see them.

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