/ Blisters/Breaking in salomon Crossmax shoes?

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Caterham on 25 Apr 2012 -
I'm new to running and trail running in general so am after some advice.

I've always run in some old north face approach shoe things and never had any feet problems. Recently I decided to invest in some proper trail running shoes and after going to a local running shop, running on a tread mill trying a few different shoes etc I ended up with some salomon crossmax shoes.

I've done a few runs with them now and keep getting blisters on the arch of my feet. It seems to be where the sole joins to the side material of the shoe where there is an area of rubber material.

I have contacted the shop about the problem and they said salomon shoes do require a period of breaking in but personally I can't see how this is going to make a difference myself.

Has anybody had a similar problem with salomon shoes and if so did it improve over time? Also does anybody have any tips in the meantime for breaking the shoes in. I'm finding it difficult to run more than about 4 miles without pain where as I could run 10 miles plus with no problem in my other shoes.

sharpie530 - on 25 Apr 2012
In reply to Caterham:

I have had similar problems with salomon XA Pro's, but that was when I ran without socks on a triathlon... the blisters were quite impressive!

The arch seems to be quite pronounced on Salomons which caused me problems. You could try a different insole, which may help. If you are wanting to stave off blisters while you work on breaking the shoes in, maybe try taping the affected area with some zinc oxide tape, will stop the shoes rubbing on the skin.
In reply to Caterham: I had some Salomon's and no amount of breaking them in resolved this problem. The simple fact is that Salomon are not well shaped for my shape of feet. Perhaps you have the same problem? Try a different brand?
Banned User 77 - on 26 Apr 2012
In reply to Caterham: I run with salomons out of the box.. some shoe types don't fit some shoes..
Escher - on 26 Apr 2012
In reply to Caterham: Never had a problem with any of the Salomons I've had (10+ pairs), comfortable straight away. Sounds like the shop recommended the wrong shoes for your feet. Never heard anything about having to break them in and I've never needed to.
Caterham on 27 Apr 2012 -
In reply to Caterham: Thanks for the replies everyone. They did feel more comfortabl in the shop than the other brands I tried but I suppose you don't really know until you start running some longer distances.

Guess I'll just tape my feet up, give them another few runs so I've at least given them a really good chance and If still no better take them back.
Banned User 77 - on 27 Apr 2012
In reply to Caterham: I'd vaseline that area.. I occassionally get rubbing there, sporadically, and just vaseline that area.
Steff - on 27 Apr 2012
In reply to Caterham:

I don't think modern running shoes need breaking in. They either suit you foot or not.
In reply to Caterham: If you keep using them, then take them back, I very much doubt you'll get a refund.
eschaton - on 29 Apr 2012
In reply to nickinscottishmountains: ^^ this. you are almost certainly not going to get a refund, it sounds like the crossmax's just dont fit you, perhaps ask to speak to a different member of staff in the shop?

unfortunately sometimes you just cannot tell in the shop, and even if they feel great something then might arise whilst out running in them. In this instance just chalk it up to experience and try and remember that it gives you something to think about next time you're trying footwear on, and that you are more likely to find something just right for you.
Caterham on 02 May 2012 -
In reply to eschaton:

The shop offers a 30 day perfect fit guarantee. Obviously I'd imagine they wouldn't accept them back wrecked but so long as the condition is reasonable they said they would accept them back and swap for a similar shoe. I assumed this was quite normal for a running shop but obviously not then if people are surprised.

As an update I have done a few more runs now with my feet taped up and the shoes do seem to be softening up and although its hard to tell with the tape I can't feel the pressure and rubbing anymore.

Steff - on 02 May 2012
In reply to Caterham:

Well, if you can really take them back, do that. What's the point of having to tape up for every run, if you could just run with a better fitting shoe? Given Salomon's prices, you might even have some money left for decent socks ...

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