Damian Hall - Pennine Way record attempt

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 mountainbagger 25 May 2022

Damian Hall is trying to get his record back from John Kelly!

Video of him setting off here:

I thought he was already tired after 5 metres when he ran straight to his van 🤣

In reply to mountainbagger:

From the tracker info:

"Bog Wars Episode IV: The (Hot) Tea Drinker Strikes Back

When the Tea Dodger, aka John Kelly, ran the 261-mile Pennine Way in a new record of 58 hours and 4 minutes (or 2 days, 10 hrs and 4 mins) in May 2021, beating my previous record by three and a half hours, I thought, "Ha, I could beat that", precisely never.

His incredible run was voted global FKT of the Year (I voted for it too) by But I just can't resist trying, to see if I can get me some hot teavenge.

If I don't try, I'll never know. I may very well fail. But the bigger failure would be to never try. Plus my eight year-old son said I should.

I know more than anyone how hard it will be to beat John's time. I'll need to channel all my inner Ted Lasso. My tactic is different to the Tea Dodger's, so I'll likely be behind his record a lot of the time.

I'm pretty stressed out about our climate and ecological emergency and while this run will emit more CO2e (primarily from vehicles involved), I hope any fundraising and spreading awareness will make that worthwhile.

I'm not a data analyst. I'm a daydreamer. And it seems to me there's about a 98.5% chance I'll be unsuccessful. But I'll be trying to keep that 1.5 alive. Or at least hopefully keep you entertained over the next three days (without getting all leany).

*Learn more about Damian's story in this new inov-8 blog post:

*Support Damian's fundraising for Greenpeace:


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 Maggot 26 May 2022
In reply to mountainbagger:

More dot watching!

He's just coming up to Tan Hill, about 2k behind record time.

In reply to Maggot:

He's certainly managing to keep close, and from what he's said about his tactics being behind is all a part of the plan. Presuming he's hoping for a strong finish. Either that or very, very little sleep!!

 lowersharpnose 26 May 2022
In reply to Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing:

Has he stopped or is it a signal blackspot?


He has moved, was a blackspot.

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 steelbru 27 May 2022
In reply to mountainbagger:

He's now called it a day according to Inov8's facebook 

 kathrync 27 May 2022
In reply to steelbru:

Reports of him calling it a day on Twitter as well. What a shame!

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