/ Lakeland Trails 55k - 1/7/17

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climb41 on 13 May 2017
Hi, anyone doing this ultra this year? Anyone done it before and if so, what tips have you got?
bouldery bits - on 13 May 2017
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Don't accidentally follow someone doing the Saunders which is the same weekend!
Sutty22 - on 18 May 2017
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i did it last year, my first ultra and loved it. It rained for nearly the whole day but didn't take anything away from the experience. Although the 2 major climbs are in the 1st half of the race before Grasmere, don't underestimate the second half around Langdale. The second half I found much harder, although the scenery was just stunning. I also had family waiting for me at the Sticklebarn which gave me the lift I needed to finish the race. Mainly, just enjoy it, its a fantastic route.
climb41 on 20 May 2017
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Yes, I've watched a few videos from last year and it certainly looked very wet.

Have you done any more ultras since?
Sutty22 - on 26 May 2017
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I haven't actually done another Ultra, although I have done plenty of trail running since. I did the Salomon Ring of Steall last year and have entered the Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra for this year, which is currently terrifying me
climb41 on 12 Jul 2017
In reply to Sutty22:

Well, done it now. Really enjoyed it. Too hot for the first half, then rain for the second half. Beautiful scenery, including rainbows...

Great marshalls, good feeding stations, seemed well organised.

Soles of my feet were sore because a lot of it is on stony tracks, rather than softer ground. After absolutely no trouble eating during my training runs, had some difficulty eating in the second half. Also not enough hill training done....

Wasn't ever going to run again when I finished, but now somehow seemed to have signed up for another one in October....
SouthernSteve on 12 Jul 2017
In reply to climb41:

It was very good. The contrast in the weather was amazing really quite hot at the beginning and then that drizzly wetness at the end. A bit crowded at CP2, but otherwise no complaints. What are you going to do in October. I have signed for the Round Ripon which I have done before. My partner marshalled and had a good experience too.
climb41 on 14 Jul 2017
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Signed up for Ennerdale 50k.

SouthernSteve on 15 Jul 2017
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re: Ennerdale 50k.
Never saw that before - looks good I have slight run envy.
plyometrics - on 15 Jul 2017
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It's a great low key event. Done it a couple of times. Only downside is it's 2 laps!

Hope you have a good one.
climb41 on 15 Jul 2017
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Thank you, I hope I have a good one as well!

Any tips re the course? It looks like a lot less ascent than the 55k just done.

plyometrics - on 16 Jul 2017
In reply to climb41:

It's pretty flat and fast. Basically it's 7 and a bit miles gradually up hill on good fire tracks to Black Sail Hut. From there it's gradual downhill on good fire track then the last 3 miles (ish) get a bit annoying with tree roots and uneven rocks along the shoreline followed by a small pull up Anglers Crag. It's not difficult, you've just got to watch your feet on this section, particularly on lap 2 when the pins are getting tired!

Mentally, I break it down into 4 quarters, doesn't really feel like 50km TBH.

Take the first lap steady, then put your foot down on lap 2!


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