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BusyLizzie on 01 Dec 2017
I run with the Strava app on my phone. The last few runs it has either not recorded at all after the first few seconds, or it seems to have picked up GPS only at a few points on the run and makes up an implausible straight line between them. I'm in Edinburgh today, and it had me running off the top of Arthur's seat and straight over the cliffs - if Strava was right I'd be dead.

Thankfully I'm not, but is there a fix for this? Would it help to uninstall the ap and start again with fresh copy?

Thanks in anticipation.

DancingOnRock - on 01 Dec 2017
BusyLizzie on 02 Dec 2017
In reply to DancingOnRock:

Thank you, that's great - I will play around with the suggested solutions. Nice to know It's not just me!
Siward on 03 Dec 2017
In reply to BusyLizzie:

Ive tried all the troubleshooting tips and whilst Strava usually manages to record at least half of a ride it regularly drops out here and there, leading to the straight line, and very often gives up halfway through. When I look at the phone when I stop the app hasn't crashed, it still purports to be recording and indeed will get a fix and start again at this point, but it will have completely missed, say, the last hour. Not very impressed and this has happened on two different phones.
Is there an alternative app available ?
DaveN - on 03 Dec 2017
In reply to Siward:

Endemondo, or sports tracker are alternatives. Will only make a difference if it's a software issue.

I tend to use Strava with a separate GPS. On the rare occasions I've used the phone Ive found the trail much more "noisy"
Yanis Nayu - on 03 Dec 2017
In reply to BusyLizzie:

Given your impressive running achievements I think you deserve a gps watch for Christmas.
BusyLizzie on 03 Dec 2017
In reply to Yanis Nayu:

Aw, thank you. That is a good thought. But I have already asked Santa for some trail running shoes, so I don't want to put too much pressure on him and the elves...
BusyLizzie on 27 Dec 2017
In reply to BusyLizzie:

For the sake of Strava's good name I should confess the ending to this saga.

A few weeks ago (I now remember) I found the "battery saver mode" thingy on my phone, thought "That's a good idea" and switched it on then forgot I'd done so.

It was at about the same time (I now notice) that Strava stopped working. After trying lots of ideas I tried a new app - Runkeeper, which is free and seems very good. Tried using it last week and it said something like "nope, can't do GPS, you've got battery save mode on." Oh ho, I thought, so I have, and turned it off.

And now Strava works perfectly again.

Silly me...
balmybaldwin - on 27 Dec 2017
In reply to BusyLizzie:

You aren't the first.... it's very common. Some phones even automatically switch these battery saving things on as the battery runs down - most though have the option to exclude certain apps from the battery saving mode
BusyLizzie on 27 Dec 2017
In reply to balmybaldwin:

Thank you!

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