/ Any fellow UKC Users in Chamonix 25th January - 1st February

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Carlos the Jackal - on 06 Jan 2014
I am going to Chamonix for a week from 25th January to 1st February 2014 and was wondering if anyone from here wants to meet up for drinks and slope time etc. I am an intermediate snow boarder who is pretty confident on Red Runs and my mate Ski's to a decent standard. Only two of us going this year and after a couple of nights we will be bored with each other. Also he has managed to sprain his ankle quite badly so if he has not healed in time and I cant find a replacement then I will be going on my own.
Carlos the Jackal - on 19 Jan 2014
In reply to Carlos the Jackal:

Update on the above. My buddy Dave is a big girls blouse and does not want to risk hurting himself again so cannot go on this trip. I am therefore setting off to Chamonix on my own next Saturday. I know its a bit weird but if anyone wants to take an impromptu Ski Trip to Chamonix next Saturday let me know. Total cost minus food is approximately £650. Would not need to be paid for now as Dave is happy to get the money back at some point in time rather than never. Its flying from Newcastle Airport and just fyi I am a Rockclimber, Mountain Biker and Snowboarder. If you want any further info then please get in touch.
Carlos the Jackal - on 21 Jan 2014
In reply to Carlos the Jackal:

Ok yet another update!! If anyone fancies coming on this Holiday please let me know asap. Unavoidable costs are as follows. £70 for changing name on flight, Lift pass in Chamonix (Hire of Ski's /Snowboard also if you dont have your own) and Food and Drink. Offers will be considered for the rest, Flight, airport Parking (Newcastle), Apartment in Chamonix and Airport Transfer from Geneva airport. Come on people its a great opportunity for a week in one of the best Ski resorts in the Alps.
NottsRich on 22 Jan 2014
In reply to Carlos the Jackal:

If you can't find a replacement, will your mates travel insurance cover the cost of his cancelled trip?
Mr. K - on 22 Jan 2014
In reply to Carlos the Jackal: I'll be in Chamonix from 26th Jan to 2nd Feb doing a ski mountaineering course. Drop me a mail if you want to meet up for some beers! =o)
Carlos the Jackal - on 22 Jan 2014
In reply to NottsRich:

Unfortunately he had not secured Insurance for this trip before he was outsmarted by a Staircase.
Carlos the Jackal - on 23 Jan 2014
In reply to Mr. K:

Hi Mr K just to let you know I sent you an E-Mail the other day regarding this and I hope you got it. If you did not see it or it was lost in Junk mail then let me know and I will re-send it.
TBH it was just my mobile number which I dont want to put on here obviously.

Cheers Carl

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