Best snow in the Peak tomorrow (Wed30)

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 Oo 29 Dec 2020

Going for a walk tomorrow, likely Kinder way, and throwing the skis in the car. A short tour would be absolutely delightful; a photo op to try to make a friend in Switzerland less smug would do.

Anyone got a report from Kinder today?

Is there reasonable snow cover anywhere?

Is this a complete fool’s errand?

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 kevin stephens 29 Dec 2020
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Be sure to clean all the mud off you and your kit before taking your selfie for your smug Swiss mate

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This is second-hand but I heard someone skinned up from the foot of Fairbrook onto the northern edge today. Don’t know about skiing down though!

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Realistically unless it snows again tonight its going to be mostly slush/ mud, you might get a bit lucky but I doubt there will be enough anywhere to properly ski. Best of luck!

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A lot of snow went between this morning and this afternoon. I went out at 0830 with the intention of walking round Kinder but the roads were bad and even with winter tyres I found it tricky to get up some of the steeper little inclines and it was still snowing hard. I went for a stroll along White Edge (above Froggatt) instead. Went out in the afternoon sun and the roads were all wet and black. We had to go up to Higger Tor to find some OK snow for sledging. Looking over to Kinder it didn't look so different. I would just enjoy the walk.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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