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Got a job rob - on 05 Mar 2013
Right I am looking at a new set of ski boots. I will tour, and ski down hill in my marker bindings. So I would like your 2 pence worth about:

The Black Diamond Factor (that fact that I could change the sole and ski normal bindings is tempting)

The Black Diamond Quadrant (the Maestrale is lighter but has less ankle flex)

The Scarpa maestrale (has the RS improved over the normal, also lower flex than the BD boots)
The Scarpa maestrale RS. (is its worth the extra money, is it too stiff)

About me 169cm(5 foot 8), 78KG(About 12 stone 3), I would say I am a type 2 skier (,default,pg.html) level 8 ski-ing and I like off piste more than ski areas. I will be trying to earn my skiing by walking up hill in the uk a LOT!
Frank4short - on 05 Mar 2013
In reply to Got a job rob:

Go to a good boot fitter with a decent range of boots. Tell them your requirements, ideas and budget. Let them measure you up and fit boots to you to suit your feet. Everything else is irrelevant.

Ski boots are large lumps of plastic with no give or break in. Different boots are different shapes and suit different types of feet. If your boots don't fit your feet it doesn't matter how good they are as they will just cause you pain and not be of any use to you.

Therefore for the vast majority of people looking for sight unseen recommendations is a waste of time and a big gamble as unless you're very lucky if they don't fit your feet you'll just have wasted a lot of money.
Got a job rob - on 05 Mar 2013
In reply to Frank4short: Sorry also forgot to say that i have tried all of the above on, after a week ski touring, all are a good fit. I worked as a Field and Trek boot fitter so I can fit the boots well myself. I spent almost a day trying on boots in Aviemore and these were the boots that gave me the best fit.

I was using a pair of Scarpa Pegasus from Glenmore lodge for the week so I know that the mold of the scarpas fit and does not rub or blister me with out a thermo fit. But I have found the BD boot a lot (£150) cheaper than the Scarpas. Just wanted to know what people think. I am worried that there is a good reason the BD boots are reduced.
xoran - on 05 Mar 2013
In reply to Got a job rob: I can only comment on the maestrale, but its a great boot. I spent the first part of the season skiing it in resort and it was (and still is, pretty good. Not as good feel as a tight downhill boot, but to be expected) off piste its comfy, stiff enough and the only time I have an issue with the ankle flex is when im being too stubborn to use heel risers. Im 6ft2, about the same weight as you and probably a type two skier according to that thingy too.
Standard answer i guess is would you prefer lighter or stiffer? At the end of the day, you'll get used to skiing whatever you buy...
Carless - on 05 Mar 2013
In reply to Got a job rob:

some good comments in here

and, no - I still haven't decided
Oceanic - on 05 Mar 2013
In reply to Got a job rob:

There's a hell of a lot of difference in the width of those three boots. Are you absolutely sure that they all fitted?

Did you try on the boots without the liners? Which gave you the most appropriate heel gap when shell fitting? (I would say aim for no more than a 20mm heel gap).

Quadrant: Good boot if they fit, but very wide.

Factor: Narrower. Somewhat heavy. Liners are lasted short in the full sizes, so difficult to get a good fit in full sizes, half sizes are better in this respect. So whether the are good boot may depend on whether you need the full or half size.

Maestrale: Light. Good if they fit, be careful with the tongue hinges as some people break them.

Maestrale RS: Might be better than the mango Maestrales if you prefer stiff boots, what have you skied in before? Did the Glenmore Lodge boots feel stiff enough? The RSs will be much stiffer than the Glenmore Lodge boots.
Bonito - on 05 Mar 2013
In reply to Frank4short: I totally agree. Certainly good advice. With due respect and apologies if I'm wrong but I never knew that Field and Trek sold and modified ski touring boots. I'd get back to either of the shops in Aviemore (or Braemar) and take advantage of their skills and advice. Good points too from Oceanic later in postings.
Got a job rob - on 06 Mar 2013
In reply to Bonito: hi bonito, you are right they never sold ski boots, but it does mean that i know if something fits or does not.

Thanks to every one else. great info.
macstinator on 07 Mar 2013
In reply to Got a job rob:

Dynafit Mercury?

The cheaper brother of the Vulcan, and available for £333 on skiinn. £550 rrp. Boom.

Also, Scott/Garmont Cosmos, Dalbello Sherpa 5/5 or Tecnica Cochise 130 Pro.
Got a job rob - on 09 Mar 2013
In reply to every body: in the end i went with the Scarpa maestrale (not the rs) it was £170 cheaper than the rs and i dont think i need the extra flex. the marker bindings make the weight saving of the rs null and void. Time to get some tech bindings me thinks.....

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