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elcapitainkev on 17 Feb 2013

Myself and my buddy are off to do our first mutli day ski tour this year. We plan on doing the Silveretta in Austria and would value any beta from people who have done this before.


1. Any cheap hostels to stay in Ischgl before we head to the hills.
2. Any places we can hire transceivers in or around Ischgl.
3. Any places we can get away with dossing down in the back of a van if Ischgl has no cheap places to stay, oh and public loos etc.

We think we have the beta and all the hut info its the logistics before the route that would be helpful but any information at all would be welcome.

Ta, Kev
alasdair19 on 17 Feb 2013
In reply to elcapitainkev: I borrowed a replacement tranceiver nearby when mine didn't work. Several clubs will lend tranceivers, smc, eagles, alpine may be an option for you.

Have fun
cp - on 17 Feb 2013
In reply to elcapitainkev:
Ischgl and cheap can never be used in the same sentence. Try and arrive early morning the day you are leaving and spend the first night in the mountain huts. You can sleep down the valley in your van but all the parking is Ischgl is paid parking.

Good first tour though with great huts and straight forward tours each day.

rossh - on 17 Feb 2013

Before we did the Silvretta tour we stayed in a hotel in Landeck and got the first bus up the valley on the morning we started the tour. I think it was quite reasonable price wise and certainly much cheaper than Ischgl.
inboard - on 17 Feb 2013
In reply to elcapitainkev:
If you're looking for reasonably priced accommodation, staying in Landeck . Ischgl is pricey and I'm not even sure it has a hostel. Landeck, on the other hand, is very reasonable.

Parking in Galtur is cheaper than Ischgl and, as you're more likely to descend back to valley up near to Galtur, it's convenient too. Galtur leisure centre is the parking area recommended by Jamtal hut - we've done it for several days while up in the hills - and not too pricey. You'd probably be ok dossing in the van in Galtur overnight, and there's a free (I think) ski bus which runs regularly Galtur-Ischgl (if it's not free then it's only a few €).

Can be fun skiing around there. Huts are more like hotels than mountain huts. Make sure you have plenty cash for the bar!

Would definitely recommend spending the € on day lift ticket so you can ski into Heidelberger Hut via Zeblasjoch - skinning up the valley would be long, flat, and tedious. It's an easy afternoon ski from the top lift station over the joch and down to the hut, which means you save a little by waiting until (I think) 1400 to get a cheap(er) afternoon only lift pass. Alternatively the hut runs a shuttle service in late afternoon which is convenient if the weather is minging.

have a great time
Doug on 17 Feb 2013
In reply to inboard: Was about to write that the only time I toured in the Silvretta we started in Galtur, finishing in Ischgl around midday with plenty of time to get to somewhere cheaper before travelling home the next day

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