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Thelongcon - on 02 Apr 2013
Heya, how's winter treating you all?

I recently went on a trip to Japan and sampled snowboarding for the first time. Fell in love with it. Amazing.
Now I've got a notion to live in a van for 3 months over christmas, and sample snow around europe or canada, or possibly japan.

My question is what kind of knowledge do I need to get on (safely) in backcountry powder? I love getting away from the crowds and queues, but I know literally nothing about snow. From what I've gleaned an avalanche course is essential. What other things do you guys think are imperative to know before stepping out.

Thanks, Andrew
BnB - on 02 Apr 2013
In reply to Andrewmorts: Welcome to the dark side. I've been snowboarding for a while and it has defined my life for the last decade.

Wherever you end up, make as many snowboarding buddies as you can who know the locale. You will be reliant on their expertise for routes, conditions, company and safety. Fortunately, we're a friendly bunch in general and especially so when we recognise one of our own.

I'm comfortable mountaineering solo. But snowboarding? Not so sure. Too many things to go wrong a long way from the safety of the tracked piste. Unless you have a private helicopter.

Better still, make some friends who have a helicopter.
Thelongcon - on 02 Apr 2013
In reply to BnB:

Ha, yeah I never thought I'd find something I enjoyed as much as climbing, can't even define it.

Too easy, I'll bear all that in mind. Make friends, don't go out solo, hang out with rich kids who can buy helicopters. Got it.

torquil on 02 Apr 2013
Splitboard! Either make your own or buy one, and never look back.
Thelongcon - on 03 Apr 2013
In reply to torquil:

Yeah from what I've seen they definitely seem to be the way forward. Ah the things I'd buy if university weren't bending me over and whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

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