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tajasel - on 08 Sep 2012
I climbed a little as a kid and 15 years later, I've rediscovered my long-lost love after getting a job with an activity holiday company this summer.

I have a helmet, as one of my dad's friends gave him his as a spare when he emigrated, and I've been given a harness on loan from a friend who's not doing much climbing at the moment, on the condition I buy myself one in the end-of-season sales. I've got a spring stitchplate and krab for belaying too, but I'm climbing in a pair of barefoot approach shoes and borrowing others' chalk.

And my stitchplate keeps getting amused looks and questions like "which antique shop did you find THAT in?"

So I want to buy some new gear - well: shoes, a harness, a chalkball and a bag. I've been told there's no point shelling out right now, especially since I'm a broke apprentice, as the end of season sales will happen soon enough. I know the chalk/bag won't reduce greatly in price, but hopefully I can get a good deal on a harness and shoes.

My only problem is: I don't know WHEN the end of season sales are? I googled a bit, and mostly found results for other countries, and people arguing that the climbing season never ends 'cos you can just go to the southern hemisphere when it gets too cold in the UK.

So I don't know at all when to start looking for the sales. Help?!
andic - on 08 Sep 2012
In reply to tajasel:

Go Outdoors have got a 10% sale on at the moment, but to be honest most climbing shops have something going cheap most of the time it's just a case of shopping around.

Dont forget to check the internet shops too, banana fingers are good
Chi Cheng - on 08 Sep 2012
In reply to tajasel:
Hey hey,
Shops as starting to get there winter stock in now. But this will be mostly jackets and new designs for t shirts.

The stock for the winter climbing season arrives this time of year too; sale should start some time this month but don't expect Krabs, Belay plates or shoes to end up in the sales as they are only drop in price if a new model comes out and on one has really done that this year.

The new summer stock arrives in spring.

If it help i have a ACT-XP for sale at £10 (inc P&P)
And a Krab to go With it for another £5 (inc P&P)

So £15 for both. give me a shout if you want it?

tajasel - on 08 Sep 2012
In reply to Chi Cheng:

The priority is shoes as I'm struggling getting my toes in small places with my current ones, and a harness as I'll have to give the loaner back eventually. I've been recommended a DMM bug rather than an ATC, as apparently the rope can slip on the ATC if you put it in wrong.

I've seen the Go Outdoors sale, and looked on Bananafingers, but not keen to splash without trying the harness/shoes on first. I should be able to get to Shrewsbury town centre this week though, so I'm going to poke my head into Cotswolds and get a feel of what's available, then I can have a look at the various websites when I get home.

(Though I do get a 20% discount through work at Cotswolds, so they may be my best bet anyway?)
Chi Cheng - on 08 Sep 2012
In reply to tajasel:
The one i have for sale is and ATC-XP and not an ATC. My one is with out he cut outs as its an older model.

DMM bugs are good but i find the slots a little too small when indoors as indoor top ropes are fat and hard to get into the slots of the bug.
The slots are a little bigger on the ATC compaired to the Bug but i have no problems with it. As long as you know what you are doing and you both check the system before you start climbing.


AdCo82 on 08 Sep 2012
In reply to tajasel:

Cotswolds do a starter set also that contains harness, chalk bag, locking carabiner etc so it may be worthwhile having a look at that!
Panick - on 08 Sep 2012
In reply to tajasel: who are you? I think we work in the same place maybe. High sports in shrewsbury is pretty good. You could get some really good advice there and loads of choice.
tajasel - on 08 Sep 2012
In reply to Chi Cheng: would you be able to send photos of the ATC-XP and krab so I can see how much wear is on them?

Have found the DMM Viper starter kit deal on the Cotswolds site now, actually looks rather good so going to try the harness on later on this week (if I can) and see what I think.
jkarran - on 08 Sep 2012
In reply to tajasel:

There's nothing wrong with your belay device, if people are looking at it funny the problem is theirs.

Pretty much every shop has a shoe deal on part of their range, the trick is finding shoes that fit you and suit your needs on offer. When you do, snap them up.

Chalk bags are a fashion accessory, just get the one you like or if you're not that bothered improvise.

Get a harness that fits you and does everything you need. Try them all, take good advice and pay for what works. Use the loan harness until you can afford it if money is really short. If the one that fits is on sale... great.


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