/ Climbing two days in a row?

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geebus - on 28 Aug 2012
I know it's generally accepted that it's worth leaving it a bit - I was going to try and make sure it's no more than 3 times a week.
I've been (indoor) bouldering every other day for 8 days now, but two days ago it was a quickish session (an hour and a half) and today while it was a smidge over two hours, I had a couple of friends with me, one of which was pretty 'new' to it all, so ended up having to spend a fair bit of time sorting her out.

So, reckon there will be any problem going tomorrow if I get the chance and try and focus on technique as I failed to do with this last one?
Not sure how the body 'recovers' in such situations; whether two short sessions are equivalent to one long one, or if it's better for a bit of recovery after any session regardless.

Normally wouldn't worry too much, but one of the reasons I first looked at climbing a few years ago was weak wrists, probably tendon issues.
geebus - on 28 Aug 2012
I should add that I'm fairly new to it - maybe that was my tenth session this year; with a total of another 8 or so over the previous two years.
needvert on 28 Aug 2012 -
In reply to geebus:

I'd go and not think much of it.
andork123 - on 28 Aug 2012
In reply to geebus: lots of people climb 2 days in a row+ id say go for it if your body feels up to it but just dont over work
Chalky-Monkey on 28 Aug 2012 -
In reply to geebus:
Yeah it's fine. I climb twice a week and have recently done 3 days in a row for 4 hours and have been fine. Don't ramp it up too much as once but yeah, you'll be perfectly fine.
Just stop if you think you've twisted something.
NikNakUK on 28 Aug 2012 -
In reply to geebus: Your body will tell you if its ok, not the internet. When you wake up Tuesday what is your body telling you? have you got any stiffness? Do some wrist and forearm stretches whilst your still in bed, any soreness?

If all is fine i'd go for it. If something feels a bit sketchy i'd go but do a long ol' warm up followed by laps of V0's jsut to nail technique. If something feels well sketchy i'd give it a day off and maybe just do some exercise at home on muscle groups or cardio that don't aggrivate whatever it was that you strecthed and made you decide not to go the climbing gym.

But that's me and i'm still relatively new. You are the one that needs to make the judgement call based on what your body is telling you.
geebus - on 28 Aug 2012
Ta all, will see if I have the time tomorrow.

Ironically when I did first do climbing my wrists were pretty knackered - was doing lot of strength stuff etc; riding motor or mountain bikes most weekends.
Turned out that all the extra stuff like climbing was just knackering them more.

On the third session my wrists actually felt a bit dodgy that day, but once I got climbing they were fine, so carried on (had to leave early for other reasons.)
jkarran - on 28 Aug 2012
In reply to geebus:

Give it a go. If it hurts, stop.
geebus - on 28 Aug 2012
I didn't die, though was a bit lacking in strength (that I cycled there at a reasonable clip probably didn't help as haven't done much cycling recently.)

Ta all.

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