/ Crags for kids in North Wales?

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darvill683 - on 01 Jun 2013
Can anyone suggest any crags in the Snowdonia area for kids. I want to introduce my 7 year old daughter to climbing outdoors whilst on a brief weeks stay in NW next month. Were staying on the southern edge of Cader Idris but will be happy to explore any part of Snowdonia. I'm looking for relatively short pitches with plenty of space above them to set up a top rope. Any advice appreciated, thanks.
Landy_Dom on 01 Jun 2013
In reply to darvill683:

Lion rock, fachwen near llanberis. Fits the bill nicely.
Joshthomas - on 01 Jun 2013
Barmouth slabs which is close to you has a good main crag but above it is another tier which has good 10m high rock with plenty of easy stuff on it, tons of trustworthy spikes for good setups aswell
peter myers - on 01 Jun 2013
In reply to darvill683: barmouth slabs, there is the main slabs which are pretty high single pitch(~18m?), I imagine too high although climbing the bottom half of one is a big acheivement for a little person.. however you can also scramble up easily above to shorter single pitch routes, and up above that there is slabby bouldering of various heights and difficulties with grassy landings this stuff can also be scrambled to round rh side of the crag. be warned though the walk up from the parking place is very steep up hill on a road and could be hard work if you are very little and not so into walking.

also note, like lion rock there are a lot of groups from outdoor centres there on weekdays too.
wilkesley - on 02 Jun 2013
In reply to peter myers:

Moelwyns are good too. Lots of stuff on Clogwyn yr Oen where you can top rope the first pitch. Short walk up the reservoir road from the car park.

Also Pulpit Route on Milestone buttress if they are more confident. I think that you can escape into the gully on the right. When my children were small this was their first real climb. We just did the first pitch, I lowered them back down and then down climbed myself.
threepeaks on 02 Jun 2013
In reply to Landy_Dom: Agreed and very lovely spot. I take my own children and clients there to teach them multi-pitch climbing. Sunny, dry and easy to get to. You can't beat it. Enjoy.
Sy Finch on 02 Jun 2013
In reply to darvill683: As mentioned above. Barmouth slabs would be the ideal place for you to go, and it will also be the nearest. A bunch of diff/Vdiff. Does get busy with groups though.

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