/ Designing an outdoor facilities for people with disabilities.

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DavidMR - on 05 Dec 2013

I am after some advice. I am looking at designing a small facility for people who have a range of disabilities. I am thinking on the lines of a small man-made lake, a small building with a climbing wall being adapted (with a ramp), maybe a low ropes course, ETC.

But where do I start, do companies give a general quote with ideas or what?

If people know what they are doing and could point me in the right direction, I will be very grateful.

How do you get estimates for the cost involved? This is for a company to benefit their clients.


djellworth on 05 Dec 2013
In reply to DavidMR:

Hi. Are you aware of the Calvert Trust? They provide such facilities and may be a source of info/ideas. (We use for one of our children and they are excellent by the way) Lakes and Kielder. cheers Nick
I'd rather be climbing - on 05 Dec 2013
In reply to djellworth:

Beat me to it, I was going to suggest Clavert trust too, I fund raise for them through my employer, they are very good, and all friendly people.
climber david - on 05 Dec 2013
In reply to DavidMR:

It depends what kind of disabilities you are dealing with. If its learning difficulties then the lake would be good as it could have lots of environmental stimulus.
If your dealing with moderate physical disabilities then the climbing wall will be good, although a gentle slab would probably be best. For severe physical disabilities, nice paths with lots of environmental stimulus, i.e. through the woods or around the lake, Also a viewing platform over the lake would be great. Not sure what your budget is but things like wheelchair accessible speed boats are fantastic as the participants probably wont get opportunities like that anywhere else.

Often with severe physical disabilities (e.g. cerebral palsy severely affecting all 4 limbs) the focus is more on stimulating the participants and immersing them in new environments

If you want to talk more then just email me and I'll answer. Mainly experienced with severe physical disabilities if this is what your aiming for

Hope your project gets off the ground. Probably a bit for from my disabled scout group (near glasgow) but all the best. Let us know how you get on


DavidMR - on 16 Dec 2013
In reply to climber david:

Many thanks for your response.

thin bob on 16 Dec 2013
In reply to DavidMR:

Great idea. Could/would you include deaf/blind? thinking of beepers near holds (programmable...maybe even with a proximity sensor. get a geek onto it! ) or leds, as indicators. Either as 'here next' or a pictogram of a hand / foot. Laser pointer might work as well.
Or even pictures. plexiglass wall with a prjector behind!
Neil Pratt - on 16 Dec 2013
In reply to DavidMR:

Badaguish Centre near Aviemore has done some work on this - it's not something I know much detail about, but I know they have some really clever facilities on site and seem to have a good reputation for innovative work.

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