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dazt2801 on 31 Oct 2012 - whois?
Hi All

My name is Darren and I am giving Climbing another go after first doing it in the Army 15 years ago. I have a few bad injuries in both my legs from the Army but I aint letting that hold me back anymore after I was close to the right one being amputated a few months back.

I am lucky in the fact that Plymouth has just had the life center built and has an absolutely cracking wall, which covers many different skill levels.

I have had a few initial sessions and working up to getting my safety test done so I can use the wall when ever I want. I am only doing indoor climbing initially until I get my confidence up as well as deciding on if my legs can take it at all.

Been asked many times before I expect, but what kit should I be aiming for initially. Obviously a decent pair of shoes and a decent harness, but is there anything else I could do with getting.

Many thanks for looking and thanks in advance.

Mikkel - on 31 Oct 2012
In reply to dazt2801:

shoes, harness and a belay device really is all you need for indoor climbing.
maybe a beanie if the wall got a bouldering section
Trangia on 31 Oct 2012
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Hi Darren

Welcome to the forum!

You're right about gear - shoes, harness are all you are going to need to start with together with a belay plate - the type is a matter of preference but I find a simple bug is fine - you can always investigate other types once you get the hang of things and try out your mate's devices. Also a large lightweight screwgate karabiner and a chalk bag (with chalk!).

You can start thinking about other gear once you get into leading, but not unnecessary at the moment.

I hope you will enjoy this forum. Keep your head down to start with, some folk can get a bit overexcited in the tone of their posts, but most folk are fine and willing to help.

Trangia on 31 Oct 2012
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Correction - cut out the "not" before unnecessary in my above post!!
dazt2801 on 31 Oct 2012 - whois?
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Many thanks to all the replies.... I need to get my weight down a bit as well....My arms and hands are going to take an absolute battering to start with. Hauling 18+ stone around the wall is going to be a good workout for anyone I think.

Cheers Darren
Ann S on 31 Oct 2012
In reply to dazt2801:
> (In reply to dazt2801)
My arms and hands are going to take an absolute battering to start with. Hauling 18+ stone around the wall is going to be a good workout for anyone I think.
No no no- you climb with your feet and legs, not your arms. Walk around your climbing wall first and watch good climbers. They will be pushing up with their legs, not pulling with their arms. Start on slabs until you have really understood the difference; just like climbing a ladder by pushing up and only using hands for balance. Enjoy.

puppythedog on 31 Oct 2012
In reply to dazt2801: Welcome to UKC, please do not feed the trolls, keep all limbs inside the Website at all times and remember that the best place to judge others from is behind a keyboard

Enjoy Climbing, have fun and don't right off getting outside as soon as possible. With Harness, shoes and Belay plate you could always post on here to look for a more experienced partner to take you outside safely.
dazt2801 on 01 Nov 2012 - whois?
In reply to dazt2801:

Many thanks again to the warm welcome.... I have had a few doubters looking at me because I am getting into climbing. I think it has something to do with my weight after being inactive for over 10 years. Weighed myself earlier and I am 19st 2lb....O MY GOD....

Anyway, has anyone used Go Outdoors 10% price Guarantee. I have found the shoes and harness I want a lot cheaper somewhere else and the harness also has the belay, Karabiner, Chalk Bag and Chalk with it....So I am hoping my local shop will honor the 10% and also through in the accessories....

I will let everyone know how I am getting on anyway...I will be putting up a log of my climbs on the wall at the new Life Centre in Plymuth, as well as logging my exercise plan to knock the weight down and improve my strength....

Cheers all and speak soon....

puppythedog on 01 Nov 2012
In reply to dazt2801: I've used it and was pleased for the extra discount. It is for the same products thuogh so if the deal you found was for similar products bundled together but not the same as they have on sale you might be out of luck. These days if I am buying from Gooutdoors (for convenience only) I google the product first.

That said if Cotswold Outdoors sell the same product they do a price match adn you can call their customer services department to get the price match and have it sent to your door.
mountainmadness on 01 Nov 2012
In reply to dazt2801:

Hiya mate,

Welcome to the wonderful world of climbing. We are a broad church that encompasses many variations on a theme: Indoor, top-rope, lead, winter, alpine etc etc etc

Are you still in the Army? If so your mod90 can get you plenty of discount.

I'd recommend joining a club, even if it's just meeting a few regularly at the wall. That way you can encourage each other as well as have a laugh. You will also find out about trips away. Climbers may be selling unwanted kit etc.

Good luck with it, and don't worry too much about your weight, just enjoy it.
dazt2801 on 02 Nov 2012 - whois?
In reply to mountainmadness:

Hi mate....No I left the Army back in 2005... I have found a harness and shoes I am getting now....I tried the shoes on last week and god the were comfy..... Going to get these little bad boys

My mate is a very good climber and has a lot of contacts and said he will get my introduced so I can go climbing with various different people....He is currently in Iraq and wont be back till after Christmas so until then, I will be "Billy no mates".

Cheers Darren
jkarran - on 02 Nov 2012
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For regular roped indoor climbing then the kit you'll want is as you've identified, shoes, harness, chalkbag and a belay device.

One thing worth a bit of extra thought if you've lost a bit of weight from your legs is that you may be quite top heavy which can make you prone to inverting in your harness (risky and generally really annoying). Whether it's a problem is really quite specific to your body and the harness so it's worth trying loads on in the shop, some will be a lot better than others, you'll feel it in your core muscles while sitting in the harness if it's not supporting you adequately. If it is a problem then women's fit harnesses tend to be a fair bit better and they're generally available in much the same spec'. I'd try them all on, everything the shop has that you can fit into.

Go for cheap, supportive shoes you're comfortable in, you'll wreck them pretty quickly to begin with anyway and you really don't need anything fancy for indoor climbing.

Good luck,
In reply to dazt2801: In part, most of us are friendly and approachable. Don't let your friend being away stop you from going to the wall, join in sessions, generally meet people.

Welcome to a fantastic sport.
tmather - on 02 Nov 2012
In reply to dazt2801:
Don't worry about the weight mate, lets just say I weigh north of 17st and I do alright for myself. As others have said, it's all in the footwork!

Enjoy it


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