Practise day with MCI trainee

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I am looking for people to take multi pitch climbing and scrambling as practice towards my MCI (MIA) assessment.

The climbing days would involve me focusing on guiding aspects of multi pitch climbing appropriate to your current skill level, and anything specific that you would like to develop. 

It would be ideal for people who want to progress into multi pitch climbing or those who want to improve their multi pitching skills.  

Ideally I am looking for pairs, however if you are alone I am happy to focus more on individual development. 

I am based in the Lakes  and available extensively throughout September. and am willing to travel for multiple days. 

I am currently looking for peope for Tuesday 14th September in North Wales

Or in and around the Lake District 

Get in touch via or find me on Instagram 


Let me know your experience level, what you would like to do and what skills you would like to develop and we can discuss further. 


MIA/MCI Trainee - As an MIA/MCI trainee I do not , as yet, hold the Mountaineering instructor award which is the recognised training qualification for the instruction of scrambling and multi-pitch rock climbing in the UK. I've undergone the training course, but training for an award does not constitute a qualification.

Insurance - I do not hold insurance that allows me to receive payment or benefits in kind for instruction, but as a volunteer with membership of a mountaineering council of the UK or Eire I am insured for third party liability. These topics will need to be discussed in detail and agreed before an activity is conducted.

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