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flopsicle - on 18 Dec 2012
I've anything but given up! So.... there I was falling off 5as and wanting to improve faster on the local wall but also loving the ride and definitely bitten again by the bug.

Whilst sucking my teeth thinking about possible shortcuts to success it occurred to me that fitter and stronger wouldn't do any harm, then the idea lodged in my head. Nov 30th I gave up the fags, did a 2 mile run including 3/4 mile up hill the day after - albeit I barely trotted home! Since then I've done the same 2 mile route (including git hill from hell, second hill for pud and less walking) 7 times, plus rowed on my ancient thug of a machine umpteen miles and climbed (mostly) twice a week!

I've had some really good days at the wall and some where my mojo has sat waiting outside. God knows why I'm posting this except to say getting back climbing seems to have done me good.

Oh - and I got up 1, only 1, route marked 5c to 6a!!
ripper - on 18 Dec 2012
In reply to flopsicle: well done - and it seems you don't need telling to stick at it ;-)
BusyLizzie on 19 Dec 2012
In reply to flopsicle: Are you a middle-aged mummy like me?
flopsicle - on 19 Dec 2012
In reply to BusyLizzie: I am indeedy, single, working, 41 with a 4yr old and kind of wondering just how fit I can get given short time slots!

Need to run tomorrow to up 3 runs a week to 4 but I drank a bottle of cava tonight - whoops!
BusyLizzie on 19 Dec 2012
In reply to flopsicle: Isn't it just a constant challenge to get the time to get fit!! But if you have a four-year-old you are getting constant weight-lifting practice ... my kids are in their teens so it's a different game, juggling work and husband and being-the-parental-taxi and aaaghgh. All good fun, though, and climbing is the best stress-buster I have ever come across.

I started climbing two years ago at 48, and took up running so as to get fit for climbing; got back to my pre-pregnancy weight for the first time as a result after trying (not very hard) for some years to shift that last half-stone.

We must persevere!
flopsicle - on 12 Jan 2013
Yesterday I ran 3.5 miles on mud, on hills, through woods! Came home so knackered but it was anything but a hamster wheel. Then I went climbing and busted a route I've been stuck on the last hold for weeks!

Still not smoking... Just discovered mud running, almost as good as climbing but not quite!
Lou Ansell - on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to flopsicle: Congratulations - It sounds like mud running, rowing, regular wall sessions and the odd bottle of cava is doing you the world of good!
flopsicle - on 15 Feb 2013
In reply to flopsicle: Will I get an award for most boring post?

I'm still loving it large, still off the smokes, starting to brave overhangs, still grunting up 5as. I'm using up my block purchase ticket so I can get the monthly S.O. and climb wherever I have a spare 20mins.

I'd love to have style and grace, to flow upward with magic feet but the pic in my head never matches the reality. That said, the reality is still awesome to me, every single time I pull off anything new or different to before I get the same 'on top of the world feeling'.

It's weird but because I've got so much out of it I really want to say thanks - just for it being there, for indoor walls and the welcoming nature of the sport.

I've got bruises and my hands are hardening, I feel like me again.

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