/ The Reach daytime climbing for lapsed Mum climber

ElaineG on 12 Apr 2018

Hi I’m looking to climb mornings at The Reach Woolwich, had a bit of a break following having kids and generally being knackered. Anyone looking for a climbing buddy? 

Fishmate - on 12 Apr 2018
In reply to ElaineG:

Hi Elaine, I've just got back from training there. I'm assuming you are looking at ropes and not bouldering? Try posting on their FB page, it often gets a response, or call them and see if they can assist. 

Best of luck.

hedgepig - on 14 Apr 2018
In reply to Fishmate:

Look also at the Leading Ladies Facebook page:

hedgepig - on 20:19 Thu
In reply to ElaineG:

Hi Elaine

I was thinking of climbing tomorrow morning at the Reach.  Is that a bit soon for you?

I'm just retired, hence can do mornings.  I'm brushing up a bit before going to Spain for a few days.