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Simonj - on 01 Sep 2010
Hey Guys,

Has anyone been to Indian Creek?? is it easy to find climbing partners out there? any tips?? Heading out there at the end of the month!


matt perks - on 01 Sep 2010
In reply to Simonj: Middling. Generally I always found yanks to be either massively casual about everything including what they climbed and who with, or massively up-tight about everything including what they climbed and who with. There will be people at the most popular crag - where Supercrack is. If you're prepared to wander along asking for a rope on something I think you will do okay. Lots of teams top-rope stuff which helps. Having some cams to add to the collection will up the value of your company. Most teams have to trade cams anyway so it's pretty convivial. There will also probably be people dossing in vans but you need to ask someone with a better or more recent memory than me where the doss spot is. I vaguely remember the spot having a name that might have been something to do with 'Bulls' and possibly within sight of one of the towers, possibly Six-shooter, possibly this is anti-beta! My experience is from a few years back. Might still be quite hot end Sept.
Simonj - on 02 Sep 2010
In reply to matt perks:
Thanks for your help Matt!
Hopefully will find a few partners, Ive got a full month out there, end of Sept to end of October, so fingers crossed it should have cooled down a bit.


Adrian_J_Hill - on 06 Sep 2010
In reply to Simonj:
Try posting for a partner on MountainProject.com. Half of Colorado goes
out to IC in October, so you should have no problem lining someone up.
Plenty of route info on that site too.

TonyB - on 07 Sep 2010
In reply to Simonj:

I went to the Creek on my own. I met loads of great people both at the crag and camping area, and had no problems finding people to climb with. Before going, I spent quite a bit of time on the Internet trying to find people in facebook groups etc. Unless you have a US cell phone it's hard to arrange. For me this was totally unnecessary as it was so easy to do when I was there.

Simonj - on 07 Sep 2010
In reply to TonyB:

Cheers Tony! Can you recommend a good campsite site for meeting partners/good view and close to the climbing??


Brown - on 07 Sep 2010
In reply to Simonj:

I spent loads of time out there on my own this spring. It was very chilled out and I never had any problem finding people to climb with.

Wandering around the vareous camping spots chatting to people seemed to work. There is a notice board by the pit toilet at the end of the Bridger Jack camping road and people seemed to meet up there in the morning. Failing that wandering along the base of supercrack buttress always yeilded results. Normaly people I knew, but did not know were in the states.

Whilst your there you should check out some towers also....

North Six Shooter
Standing Rock
The Penguins

All amazing.
Simonj - on 07 Sep 2010
In reply to Brown:
Thanks for your help guys


TheGeneralist - on 07 Sep 2010
In reply to Simonj:
I was there for a few days and lucked out finding some wandering American with no friends but loads of Camalots. As the man above says, you need such huge racks that people tend to team up anyway to a degree.

Absolutely amazing place. Have fun.
Nige M - on 07 Sep 2010
In reply to TheGeneralist: Yes, I too have turned up at IC on my own and found it easy to team up. Take all the cams you have. Many teams TR, especially at Supercrack Buttress. It's popular in spring an fall but deserted in summer. I was last down that way in July (though not for the climbing) and it was deserted. I notice that the once popular wild camping spot at Newspaper Rock has now been fenced off due to flash flood risk. It wasn't clear whether this was a permanent or temporary measure. There is good free camping on the dirt track down to Indian Creek about 5 km before the entrance to The Needles District of Canyonlands NP at Hamburger Hill - much warmer there too in early/late season.

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