/ can i load garmin trip manager onto more than one computer?

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ecotom - on 24 Mar 2011

I have just bought a Garmin Legend HCx. I want to put the waypoint manager onto my lap top and netbook. Can I put it onto two different computers? Also, my netbook has no optical drive for the CDs. Can I download it onto a USB stick to put it on my netbook?


GeoffRadcliffe - on 24 Mar 2011
In reply to ecotom: From the Garmin site:

The End User License Agreement allows Garmin MapSource software to be installed on only one computer at any one given point in time per licensed copy. In situations where the computer crashes or a new computer is purchased we do allow the MapSource software products to be installed on a different computer as long as MapSource product is uninstalled or cannot be used on the previous computer. If the MapSource product needs to be installed on more than one computer then a different license is needed for each computer.

threepeaks on 26 Mar 2011
In reply to ecotom: Why don't you use another mapping provider such as www.mapyx.com. You can download that for free and use the opensource mapping (which I find excellent) also for free. You can then download your waypoints, trips, etc; save them as a .gpx file and reload them into Mapsource if you have any other mapping. The opensouce mapping really is very good, although the mapyx software won't allow you to upload the maps with contour sets. You can then download a full set of GPS waypoints for all your UK mountain tops onto the mapyx for reference. Hope that helps.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.